Wedding Shower Gift Ideas

Looking for fun wedding shower gift ideas that will lavish the guest of honor with joyful wishes for the future?…

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Presents can range from wild to conservative… trendy to traditional… and sassy to practical, depending on the personality of your recipient!

Of course, you can always refer to the registry when thinking of presents for the wedding shower, but there are also many cute and playful gifts you can give that are appropriate and fun too!

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Here are some wedding shower gift ideas
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* Bubble Bath Gift Basket
Create a basket of sensual bath products that will inspire a romantic evening for the couple. Throw together bath oils, soaps, lotions, and candles in arousing scents… add a cd of romantic or relaxing music… and throw in some chocolate, a bottle of champagne, or even a soft bathrobe for an extra touch!

* Dances Lessons
Some fun burlesque or ballroom dancing lessons are a fun gift the bride and groom can enjoy!

* Gift Basket
Choose something the recipient would be interested in and get them a gift basket filled with surprises… you can choose everything from food & wine baskets, to spa, golf, gardening, or starbucks… and so many more unique items!

* Gift Card
A gift card to the recipient's favorite clothing shop, electronics store, or restaurant is a gift you can't go wrong with!

* Honeymoon Gift Basket
A basket filled with all the special necessities your recipient will need for the honeymoon is a fun gift they will definitely use! Depending on their destination... choose items like sunscreen, an underwater camera, travel guides, maps, hats, etc. If you have traveled there before, try to think of your favorite places, restaurants, and activities… and buy gift certificates for them to enjoy.

* Lingerie
Sexy lingerie is a gift both the bride and groom will surely enjoy!

* Love Coupons
Find a book of love coupons that promise materialistic as well as physical things desired, such as a night out on the town or an intimate massage. You can also make your own, print them out, and laminate them with very specific choices and wording for each coupon. Get creative and add cute little pictures and playful options.

* Love Kits
Create a kit filled with sensual items that will inspire a romantic night for the couple. Throw in massage oils, scened candles, soft music cds, erotic toys, and sexy board games!

* Matching Glasses
Have a pair of drinking classes, mugs, or wine glasses personalized for the couple!

* Newlywed Cookbook
A sexy cook book filled with Aphrodisiac menus is a wonderful present that will ignite an evening of saucy and spicy food and fun!

* Personalized Matching Bathrobes
Soft, plush matching bathrobes will wrap the couple up in romantic coziness. Have them personalized and throw in a bottle of bubble bath for an extra touch!

* Personalized Photo Coasters
A cute present is some coasters personalized with a favorite picture of the couple!

* Salon Gift Certificate
Everyone loves to be pampered. Give a gift certificate for a hair treatment, maniciure/pedicure, or a head massage!

* Spa Gifts
A spa gift basket or gift certificate is a gift you can't go wrong with!

* Wine Gifts
Wine gifts are always classy wedding shower gift ideas. Give a nice bottle of wine or fancy wine glasses. Have the items personalized for an extra touch. Or for the true connoisseur, a Wine of the Month Club Membership is a priceless present!.

* Words of Advice Book
Want a super sentimental and meaningful gift? Find a beautiful journal and visit all of the couples you can think of who have a long-lasting and inspiring marriage, especially any family or friends close to the bride and groom! Have them fill a page with their best advice and favorite romantic stories! This is a priceless gift they can refer to through all the ups and downs of life and receive uplifting words of encouragement!

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