Creative Wedding Gifts

If you need inspiration for creative wedding gifts as unique and special as the couple celebrating their marriage, you've come to the right place!

To brainstorm a stand-out gift that will make the lucky couple feel how much you cherish the unparalleled qualities you love about them and their relationship…

...think about their hobbies, interests, and personalities.

Do they have special adventures they love to take? Think camping, backpacking across Europe, boating, etc.

Do they have a shared joy in cooking, hosting dinners, or barbecues?

Does the couple love to workout together?

Think about what they love to do together and choose an experiential gift that will create memories as well as fun!

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More Ideas For Unusual Wedding Gifts!

Here are some more creative wedding gifts
guaranteed to inspire your search!:

* Art
A gift of art is a really cool gift if know the couple well enough to know their tastes or some of their most passionate memories or shared interests. Find a painting, sculpture, or rare piece of art that will remind them of something they love (a city landscape, the mountains, sunsets, etc.) … or a memory they have shared together (like a painting of a Italy if that was the first place they met or traveled together as a couple.)

* Customized Paintings
Customized paintings are personal and creative wedding gifts. You can choose a favorite picture of the couple and have it made into a beautiful custom painting!

* Experiential Gifts
The gift of memories is just as powerful as a physical present. Get creative and brainstorm activities you know they would both enjoy. For instance, a mimosa brunch on a yacht, a hot air balloon ride, a weekend away in a bed & breakfast, a day of wine tasting at a romantic hillside winery, etc.

* "Family Tree"
Give them a young sapling to plant in their yard. It will be fun for them to watch the tree grow and sprout many branches as their family and love grows as well.

* Handkerchief
An embroidered handkerchief is a strong traditional gift that can be passed down in their family for generations to come. You can embroider it with just their names and wedding date… or also add their parents & grandparents' names and wedding dates. You could also get a copy of their vows and have the words embroidered on one or two handkerchiefs as one of the best sentimental wedding gifts!

* Heirloom
If you have a family heirloom you want to pass down to the special couple, present the gift with a history of why the item is so special and why their love is destined to continue the tradition.

* "His & Her" Pillowcase Set
Cute pillowcases with "His & Her" inscriptions make for a sweet and simple gift.

* Honeymoon Care Package
A care package with all the special necessities they will need for their honeymoon is a fun gift they will definitely use! Depending on their destination... choose items like sunscreen, an underwater camera, travel guides, maps, hats, etc. If you have traveled there before, try to think of your favorite places, restaurants, and activities… and buy gift certificates for them to enjoy.

* Matching Personalized Aprons
Matching personalized aprons are the perfect gift for the couple that loves to entertain or host barbecues!

* Matching Personalized Coffee Mugs
Give the couple matching coffee mugs with a personal touch to inspire sweet mornings of coffee and conversation.

* Personalized "Lovopoly" Game
A game of Personalized Lovopoly will be hours of fun and quality time for the special couple!

* Photo Blankets or Quilts
A blanket with the couple's photo is a cute and creative gift. You can also take all their wedding photos and have a custom quilt made. The gift will not only be meaningful and practical, but it can be shared for generations to come.

* Picnic Backpack
Inspire the couple to spend a romantic afternoon together picnicking in the park with a backpack filled with all the necessities. Don't' forget a bottle of wine and glasses!

* Ring Holder
A unique his & her ring holder for their precious wedding rings will be greatly appreciated if they ever have to take their rings off, especially if they prefer to sleep without it.

* Wall Hangings
A cool wall hanging for their home is a nice gift. Just be sure you know their tastes or get them a gift certificate to one of their favorite home decor stores.

* Wedding Invitation
Creative wedding gifts made out of their wedding invitation are great because they have special meaning and will last for generations. Some ideas are to frame it, make it into art, have it printed on a throw pillow, or make it into a decorative plate.

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