Unusual Wedding Gifts

If you know a couple really well and you know they would appreciate unusual wedding gifts, then why not have a little fun and choose something extraordinary.

Is the couple extra adventurous?

Are they health fanatics?

Think about the unique qualities that stand out in their personalities and try to brainstorm gifts that will compliment them.

What are one of the best ideas for something they can do together?… Memberships!

Memberships are slightly unusual as far as wedding gifts go, but they are a great gift that will keep on giving all year long.

More Creative Wedding Gifts

More Ideas For The Best Wedding Gifts!

Here are some membership ideas
to help inspire your search!

AAA offers many advantages besides roadside assistance. They offer discounts on shopping, dining, hotels, car repairs, and even prescription medications up to 10, 20, and 30%.

* Amusement Parks
If the couple likes to have fun and ride roller coasters or water slides, a year-long pass to their favorite amusement park is something to consider.

* Country Club
A wonderful gift for a couple who enjoys golfing, spas, fine dining, fun, and socializing!

* Gym
For the couple who loves to work out, gym memberships are a great way for them to stay healthy and fit together!

* Museums
A museum membership is a terrific idea for an artistic or cultured couple who enjoy keeping up with the latest exhibits and artists.

* Warehouse Club
A membership to a warehouse club like Costco or Sam's Club is a practical gift that will help the couple save a ton of money!

* Yacht Club
For the couple who enjoy being outdoors or on the water, a yacht club membership would be a really fun idea for their wedding gift!

* Zoo
For the animal lovers, or couple with children already, a zoo membership is an idea that they can enjoy together or as a family.

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