Unique Teacher Gifts

Show your appreciation with unique teacher gifts that reflect their creative spirit and the unique qualities it takes to be a teacher.

It doesn't take much to show recognition of how much you value all they do. Simple words of thanks or even homemade teacher gifts are easy ways to express your gratitude.

Teacher gift ideas that help keep them organized or bring color and beauty into their classroom are also great ways to show how much they are worth to the classroom.

More Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Here are some ideas to inspire your search
for unique and meaningful teacher presents!:

* Bonsai Tree
A Bonsai plant is a beautiful gift that will bring a sense of peace on those afternoons when the classroom starts to get chaotic.

* Chess Set
A chess set is a sophisticated gift he or she will enjoy as both a decorative piece as well as a game of skill.

* Desktop Toys
Give them a break in their day with cute desktop toys. Choose from a number of items including koosh balls, stress balls, newton's cradles, and so on.

* Gift Baskets
Gift baskets are always perfect gifts for any occasion and come with many surprises! Choose everything from food & wine baskets, fruit baskets, and gourmet cheese baskets… to spa, golf, or Starbucks gift baskets… and so many more unique items!

* Journal
A nice personal journal or beautiful diary will give them a special place to express themselves.

* Mini Zen Garden
A miniature zen garden is a gift that will inspire a calm atmosphere when the students get a little rowdy.

* Tea Set
A tea set will bring warmth and joy on those late nights when he or she is up grading papers.

* Wallet Or Purse
A new wallet or purse is a fun gift if you throw in a surprise like some lottery tickets or gift certificates.

* Watch
A personalized watch is a timeless gift they will use all the time.

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