Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Whether you are looking for teacher appreciation gift ideas for Teacher Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, a holiday, their birthday, or just to say "Thank You"… you have come to the right place!

Teacher Appreciation Week and Teacher Day fall in early May and are an opportunity for the school and students to honor the hard work of their teachers and show them how much they are valued.

Simple words of true gratitude or homemade teacher gifts are completely acceptable to express your recognition for all they do.

Or you may want unique teacher gifts that reflect the teacher's creative spirit and the special qualities it takes to be a teacher.

More Teacher Gift Ideas

Here are some more teacher appreciation gift ideas
guaranteed to inspire your search!:

* Book
Books are wonderful teacher gifts. Choose from an endless variety of books… from coffee table and photography books… to inspirational books or classic novels.

* Bookmark
A cute bookmark with a personal or inspirational message is a perfect gift for teachers.

* Desk Globe
A desk globe is a fun yet practical gift if he or she doesn't already have one.

* Food Gifts
Food gifts are delicious gifts you can't go wrong with. Order some gourmet cheeses or chocolates, bake some yummy cookies, make cupcakes, or surprise them with some homemade snack mix!

* Keychain
A simple yet personal gift is a keychain with an inspirational message or digital photo!

* Lapel Pin
A simple lapel pin with their name or a symbolic charm is a traditional gift that still makes for a wonderful token of appreciation today.

* Movie Coupons
Gift certificates to the movies are a great and easy gift! Throw in some extra coupons for treats like candy and popcorn!

* Pencil Jar
A cute pencil jar with a personalized message is a gift any teacher can put to good use!

* Personalized Lunch Bag
A fun yet practical gift is a cute lunch bag personalized with their name or initials!

* Personalized Mug
A personalized mug with a picture of the whole class is a gift they will remember for years to come.

* Personalized Picture Frame
Give a picture frame personalized with their name or an inspirational message about teaching!

* Personalized Tote
A tote with their name or initials is a useful gift they will love.

* Plants Or Flowers
Plants and flowers are always great ideas for teachers. Their living presence will bring joy and peace to the sometimes chaotic atmosphere found in the classroom.

* Vase
Find a beautiful vase for the flowers for an extra touch!

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