Homemade Teacher Gifts

With a little creativity, homemade Teacher gifts are wonderful ways to express your appreciation and inspire great amounts of joy.

A memorable gift you make yourself shows that you value them enough to take the time to create something in their honor. It will have a personal touch they will never forget!

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More Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

More Unique Teacher Gifts

Here are some homemade Teacher gifts
guaranteed to inspire your search!:

* Art
Create a special piece of art for them. The ideas are endless…. try a painting, a collage, a sculpture, jewelry, etc.

* Cookie Bouquet

A bouquet of his or her favorite yummy cookies is a delicious treat they will love!

* Create Your Own Gift Basket

Make your own gift basket filled with a combination of surprises from these other homemade gift ideas. 

* Food Gifts

Food gifts are heart warming presents you can't go wrong with. Wrap up some homemade popcorn, cookies, cupcakes, or truffles… and get creative with your presentation! Decorate a cool tin or jar to hold your delicious treat!

* Notes In A Jar

Find a cool jar and fill it with little notes. You can choose a theme for your notes like inspirational messages, inspirational ideas (walk in the park, visit the spa), all the reasons you are grateful for them as a Teacher, or puzzle pieces. 

* Origami Flowers
Learn how to make origami and create a bouquet of origami flowers or animals.

* Personalized Gifts

Create a calendar using pictures, quotes, inside jokes, and memories from the classroom that pertain to each month. It will remind them of all the fun the class has shared over the past year!

* Personal Letter

Write a letter from your heart expressing how your teacher has impacted your life in positive ways. Tell them all the reasons why you are grateful for them and write stories from your favorite memories from the classroom. 

* Photo Frame Letter

Get crafty and make a homemade photo frame! 

* Recipe In A Jar

Get a cool jar, and layer the main ingredients for a favorite recipe like chocolate chip cookies. Layer them evenly so it looks pretty and put the recipe on a cute little card attached.

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