Neighbor Christmas Gift Ideas

Looking for neighbor Christmas gift ideas to inspire, uplift, and share in the joyous spirit the season with your friendly community?

You've come to the right place!

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Here are some ideas guaranteed
to light up your neighborhood with holiday cheer!

* Books
Books are wonderful neighbor Christmas gift ideas. Choose from an endless variety of books….from coffee table and photography books… to inspirational or business-related books.

* Candles
Festive holiday-scented candles are awesome gifts that will bring joy through the sweet aromas of Christmas!

* Cashmere Scarf
A soft cashmere scarf is a great gift for those winter nights!

* Christmas Paper Products
Christmas themed paper-plates, napkins, cups and plastic utensils are a wonderful gift they will use throughout the season when all their friends and family come over!

* Christmas Pot Holders
Some cute pot holders with a Christmas theme are wonderful neighbor Christmas gift ideas!

* Coffee Gifts
Coffee is always a great gift. Give your neighbor a gift certificate to a favorite coffee shop!

* Coffee Mug Surprise
Find a cool or oversized coffee mug and put a bag of a delicious holiday-flavored coffee, tea, or cocoa in the cup. Have the mugs personalized for an extra touch!

* DVD Set
A DVD set of classic movies, or any favorite movie or television show is a great gift.

* Food Gifts
Food gifts are delicious Christmas gifts you can't go wrong with. Order some gourmet cheeses or chocolates, bake some yummy cookies, make ornament shaped cupcakes, or surprise them with some homemade snack mix!

* Gift Basket
Gift baskets are always perfect gifts for any occasion and come with many surprises! Choose everything from food & wine baskets, fruit baskets, and gourmet cheese baskets… to spa, golf, or Starbucks gift baskets… and so many more unique items.

* Gift Cards
You can't go wrong with personalized gift cards!

* Journal
Journals are simple, easy, and unique neighbor Christmas gift ideas!

* Lottery Tickets
Lottery tickets are fantastic and easy gift ideas for neighbors that will spread joy and luck throughout the community!

* Measuring Spoons & Cups
A great gift your neighbor can use when they come over to borrow a cup of sugar!

* Mini Zen Garden
A miniature zen garden is a gift that will inspire a calm atmosphere throughout the neighborhood.

* Mittens
Mittens are cute, simple, and practical gifts!

* Movie Coupons
Gift certificates to the movies are a great and easy gift! Be sure to include some extra coupons for treats like candy and popcorn!

* Music Gift Cards
Spread the joy of the season with a gift everyone loves… music!

* Plants
Plants are neighbor Christmas gift ideas that will bring joy and peace to their homes.

* Recipe Book
Create your own book of all your favorite recipes to share with your neighbors!

* Stationary
Stationary, especially personalized, is a great gift!

* Tea Set
A cute little tea set will bring warmth and joy on cold winter nights!

* Throw Blanket
A soft and cozy throw blanket will wrap your neighbor up with warmth and comfort!

* Wine Gifts
Wine gifts are always classy gift ideas. Give a nice bottle of wine… or a unique wine holder, wine tote, cork screw, wine stoppers, etc. Have the items personalized for an extra touch. For a neighborhood full of true connoisseurs, give out Wine of the Month Club Memberships and host wine-tasting nights!

…if you are on a budget, there is no reason this year can't still be special!

You can still inspire great amounts of joy with cheap Christmas gift ideas… Don't let a tight budget hold you back from spreading the holiday spirit and sharing in the the season for giving!

Check out this list of homemade Christmas gift ideas and these top 5 inexpensive Christmas gifts for a present that will be special without costing a fortune!

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