Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

With a little creativity, you can find easy and cheap Christmas gift ideas (or homemade Christmas gift ideas) that are wonderful expressions of love or friendship they will never forget!

As long as your gift is memorable with a personal touch, a tight budget won't prevent you from participating in this season of sharing!

Check out these top 5 inexpensive Christmas gifts for a present that will be special without costing a fortune!

Here are more cheap Christmas gift ideas
guaranteed to inspire your search!:

* Baking Pans & Supplies
Give them something useful and pair it with the supplies they need to create something delicious! …like a muffin pan with muffin mix!

* Board Games
Board games are always a fun gift that will also create memories!

* Chocolate Gift
Chocolate is something almost everybody loves!. Get them a box of gourmet chocolates or make them some yummy chocolate dipped strawberries and pair them with a bottle of wine.

* Create Your Own Gift Basket
Make your own gift basket filled with inexpensive items they will love….try different themes focused around coupons, bath & body, chocolate, candles, or movie DVDs & popcorn, etc.

* Customized Stationary
Personal and customized stationary for the recipient is a nice gift they can put to great use!

* Embroidered Handerchief
A cool handkerchief embroidered with their name or a special message is a unique gift with a personal touch!

* Engraved Jewelry
Find an affordable piece of jewelry and have it engraved. The message you put on it will make it priceless!

* Gourmet Coffee
Put a gourmet coffee in a unique or personalized coffee mug!

* Gourmet Popcorn
Yummy gourmet popcorn is a Christmas favorite!

* Grooming Kits
A personal grooming kit is a practical gift they will get a ton of use out of! Try a nail or make-up kit for women, or a shaving kit for men.

* Hats, Gloves, Mittens, Scarves
If you live in a cold climate or they will be traveling somewhere cold, warm accessories are great and inexpensive Christmas gifts!

* Journal
A nice personal journal or beautify diary is a great gift!

* Magazine Subscription
If they have a specific hobby or interest, find a magazine that will appeal to that passion. Whether it is fashion, golf, or gardening…you will find something for everyone out there.

* Make-up or Toiletries Bag
A useful gift everyone needs is a bag for their daily essentials.

* Newspaper Ad
Buy ad space in your local newspaper with a sweet message expressing all the reasons you are grateful to have them in your life! Surprise them with the clippings in a cool frame!

* Nuts or Pistachios
A fancy collection of nuts or pistachios are delicious and cheap Christmas gift ideas!

* Origin of their Name
Finding the origin of their name and engraving it into something tangible, like a photo frame or a bracelet is a unique and meaningful gift that will make them feel extra special!

* Personalized Calendar
Have a calendar personalized with photos of the two of you from the last year… choose a photo from each month that will remind them of all the fun you have had together!

* Personalized T-shirt
A personalized t-shirt is a fun gift that can either be funny or thoughtful! How about a t-shirt their picture, the family's picture, or their pet's picture? Or a t-shirt with their name? Or a t-shirt saying "World's Best Mom, Dad, Grandparent, Friend, Husband, etc.!"?

* Picture Frame
Framed pictures of meaningful moments are always great and inexpensive gifts. A framed picture of the two of you will be sentimental and special without breaking the bank!

* Soft & Comfy Socks
Socks may be what everyone doesn't have on their Christmas list, but if you find some warm and snuggly specialty socks, they will not even realize how much they were missing until they slip them on!

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