Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

You can still inspire great amounts of joy with homemade Christmas gift ideas… Don't let a tight budget hold you back from spreading the holiday spirit and sharing in the the season for giving!

With a little creativity, you can make a memorable gift yourself that will have a personal touch and be an expression of love or friendship they will never forget!

(If you don't have time to make something yourself, check out this list of cheap Christmas gift ideas and these top 5 inexpensive Christmas gifts for a present that will be special without costing a fortune!)

Here are some homemade Christmas gift ideas
guaranteed to inspire you!:

* Advent Calendar
A homemade advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas is a fun and easy gift to make!

* Awkward Family Photo Collection
Get some laughs by compiling a collection of all your funniest family photos over the years … where someone has their eyes closed, made a funny face, or did something inappropriate at the wrong moment, etc.

* Art
Create a special piece of art for them. The ideas are endless…. try a painting, a collage, a sculpture, jewelry, etc.

* Candy Cane Gifts
You can get really creative and make all kinds of things out of candy canes. Ornaments are fun and decorative ideas… or stop at a craft store and get some glue, eyes, pipe cleaner to make some cute little candy cane reindeer!

* Candy Jar
FInd a cool jar and fill it with colorful holiday candies!

* CD Ornaments
Make ornaments out of old CDs and decorate a tree for them!

* Cookie Bouquet
A bouquet of their favorite yummy cookies is a delicious treat they will love!

* Coupon Booklet
Create a booklet of coupons where you offer services you will do to help them out! Think about their needs and come up with specific ideas that will make their life easier! Chores like mowing the lawn, cleaning the dishes, vacuuming the house, etc. and babysitting services are popular and helpful ideas!

* Cupcake Ornaments
Bake some cupcakes and decorate the tops like beautiful Christmas ornaments.

* Create Your Own Gift Basket
Make your own gift basket filled with a combination of surprises from these other homemade Christmas gift ideas.

* Food Gifts
Food gifts are heart warming presents you can't go wrong with. Wrap up some homemade popcorn, cookies, or truffles… and get creative with your presentation! Decorate a cool tin or jar to hold your delicious treat!

* Gift Basket
Food gifts are heart warming presents you can't go wrong with. Wrap up some homemade popcorn, cookies, or truffles… and get creative with your presentation! Decorate a cool tin or jar to hold your delicious treat!

* Gingerbread House
A Christmas classic that will fill their home with sweet aromas and holiday joy!

* Holiday Recipe Book
Gather all your favorite recipes you look forward to sharing each season and present them in a cute homemade recipe book!

* Knit Gifts
If you don't know how to knit, it is a really easy and fun craft to learn! Take the initiative to teach yourself and you'll have awesome homemade Christmas gift ideas to give, like cool knit scarves!

* Lessons
If you have a special skill, like playing the guitar, cooking, golf, etc… Present them with free personal lessons where you share your expertise!

* Memory Box
Find a beautiful box and fill it with pictures, momentos, keepsakes, and sentimental items you've collected from all your favorite memories and take the recipient on a trip down memory lane. Memory boxes are homemade Christmas gift ideas that are priceless.

* Mixtape
Never underestimate the power of the mixtape. Create a mix of songs that are meaningful between the two of you and will bring memories to mind…or simply put together songs that remind you of them or a list of your favorite songs.

* Name Poem
Write the recipient a poem with each line starting with a letter from their name.

* Notes in a Jar
Find a cool jar and fill it with little notes. You can choose a theme for your notes like memories you have shared, dreams & wishes, inspirational messages, inspirational ideas (walk in the park, visit the spa), coupons (chores, neck massage, clean their car, mow their lawn), all the reasons you are grateful for them in your life, or puzzle pieces.

* Origami Flowers
Learn how to make origami and create a bouquet of origami flowers or animals.

* Personalized Calendar
Create a calendar using pictures, quotes, inside jokes, and memories that pertain to each month. It will remind them of all the fun you shared over the past year and inspire new adventures and memories for the new year!

* Personal Letter
Write a letter from your heart expressing how the recipient has impacted your life in positive ways. Tell them all the reasons why you love them and write stories from your favorite memories together.

* Photo Frame
Get crafty and make a homemade photo frame around one of your favorite pictures of you and the recipient!

* Recipe in a Jar
Get a cool jar, and layer the main ingredients for a favorite recipe like chocolate chip cookies. Layer them evenly so it looks pretty and put the recipe on a cute little card attached.

* Scrapbook
Try to gather all your sentimental items, such as favorite movie stubs, concert tickets, vacation receipts, etc., and photos from the last year and create a scrapbook documenting your relationship.

* Song
Even if you're not a musician, the effort and thought you put into your own song and personal performance will create a memory and make them feel extra special! Composing songs are homemade Christmas gift ideas that will stay in their heart forever.

* The 12 Days of Christmas
Choose 12 of the above ideas and give them one a day for each of the 12 days leading up to Christmas!

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