Homemade Romantic Gifts

You can ignite sincere flames of love with homemade romantic gifts… Don't let a tight budget prevent you from creating the perfect romantic moment!

Whether you're looking for romantic Christmas gifts, romantic birthday gift ideas, romantic anniversary gifts, or 'just because' … you will find great gifts and ideas for an expression of love they will never forget!

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Here are some homemade romantic gifts & ideas
guaranteed to inspire your search!

* Art
Create a special piece of art for your special someone. The ideas are endless…. try a painting, a collage, a sculpture, jewelry, etc.

* Astrological Compatibility Chart
If your lover is into astrology and your signs have a nice compatibility reading, frame it for a bedside reminder.

* Breakfast in Bed
Make your special someone a breakfast of their favorite foods followed by a sweet morning of kisses and cuddles!

* Bubble Bath
Pamper your lover in luxury with a personal bubble bath. Lead them with a trail of rose petals to a surprise bubble bath in beautiful candlelight (with perhaps a few floating candles). … find bath oils, soaps, and lotions in arousing scents and gently bath and massage them… or leave them with a favorite book if they value private alone time! Play soft music or love songs in the background... and add chocolate and champagne for an extra touch! Don't forget a towel or bathrobe warmed to perfection for a perfect ending!

* Candlelit Dinner
A simple candlelit dinner in the privacy of your own home can create more romance than an evening at the priciest place in town!

* Cookie Bouquet
A bouquet of yummy cookies is a way to warm up your special someone for sweet loving!

* Flower a Day
Give your lover a picked flower a day for a certain period of time symbolic of how many years you have been together. Hide them in creative places that will surprise them each time.

* Love Cards
Give your lover a card a day for a certain period of time symbolic of how many years you have been together. Fill each card with love letters, a special love coupon, memories, dreams for the future, or a new reason why you are still as in love as ever…and hide them in creative places that will surprise them each time.

* Love Coupons
Create a book of love coupons that promise your significant other materialistic as well as physical things they may desire, such as a night out on the town or an intimate massage. Print them out, and laminate them with very specific choices and wording for each coupon. Get creative and add cute little pictures and playful options.

* Love Games
Some of the best homemade romantic gifts are an experience! Games like love dice, truth or dare, and spin the bottle are sexy ways to ignite some fun and romance!

* Love Letters & Poems
Write a love letter or love poem for your significant other. If you are having trouble getting started, try to think of meaningful moments to describe with imagery that your partner will likely remember. Don't worry about being too mushy or playful. Just keep it real and from your heart. Write the letter in your handwriting and mail it for some old-fashioned fun!

* Love Song
Even if you're not a musician, the effort and thought you put into your own love song and personal performance will create a memory and ignite romance! Love songs are homemade romantic gifts that will stay in your lovers heart forever.

* Massage Gift
Get your partner massage oils and create a night of sweet caresses.

* Memory Box
Find a beautiful box and fill it with pictures, momentos, keepsakes, and sentimental items you've collected from all your favorite memories and take your significant other on a trip down memory lane. Memory boxes are homemade romantic gifts that bring up the playful and nostalgic moments from your past.

* Mixtape
Never underestimate the power of the mixtape. Create a mix of songs that are meaningful between the two of you and will bring memories of special moments to mind…or simply put together songs that remind you of your love or a list of your favorite love songs.

* Naked Chef
Cook your special someone a special dinner, where you cook in the nude and enjoy sweet dessert afterward!

* Night under the Stars
Find a place where the stars shine bright and create a lovely evening in their soft glow. You can have a midnight picnic or even sleep under the starlight if it is warm enough.

* Notes in a Jar
Find a cool jar and fill it with little notes. You can choose a theme for your notes like memories you have shared, wishes for your future together, love coupons, sexual favors, nights out (dinner & a movie, museum, theater), inspirational ideas (walk in the park, visit to the spa), all the reasons you love them, or puzzle pieces.

* Origami Flowers
Learn how to make an origami flower and create your own personal bouquet for your lover.

* Pampering Day
Creating an at home spa day where you personally give the massage, steam bath, and head rub.

* Park Date
Take your love on a good old-fashioned stroll through a beautiful local park.

* Picnic
One of the other best old-fashioned romantic ideas is a picnic for two in beautiful scenery on a warm sunday afternoon!

* Prescription For Love
Empty a pill bottle and fill it red hot candies. Put a prescription for love on the bottle and tell your lover they make you red hot!

* Private Dance Party
Choose some sensual love songs and create a private dance party in soft candlelight. Private dance parties are homemade romantic gifts you experience together!

* Say Anything
Re-create the boombox scene from Say Anything.

* Scavenger Love Hunt
Put your love on the hunt for a secret surprise. Leave a trail with sweet surprises with each new clue!

* Scrapbook
Try to gather all your sentimental items, such as favorite movie stubs, concert tickets, vacation receipts, etc., and photos from the last year and create a scrapbook documenting your relationship.

* Serenade
Pull a romeo and stand below her window. Sing her a soft love song!

* Strip Tease
Surprise your lover with a personal and private strip tease! Strip teases are fun and sexy homemade romantic gifts.

* Surprise Pillow
Get a felt pen and write a love message on a pillow case and leave it as a sweet surprise for your lover!

* You
Throw on nothing but a bow and be ready to give some love!

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