Romantic Christmas Gifts

Your special someone deserves the best romantic Christmas gifts inspired by a unique expression of your heart!

The love and gratitude you feel during this holiday season is one of the sweetest presents you can give to your love.

Choose gifts that will reflect these emotions and showcase the happiness you have found with them!

Romantic Christmas Ideas & Surprises!

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Here are some inspirations for romantic
Christmas gifts guaranteed to light up their holiday!

* Bathrobe
A soft, plush or silky satin bathrobe is a romantic and sensual way to wrap your love up in coziness! Pair it with a massage gift certificate or a romantic night of massages and kisses. Have it personalized with their name or initials to make it extra special!

* Bed Linens
Add a dash of romance with soft or silk bed linens for your bedroom. Spend an evening with champagne and strawberries breaking them in for an extra special bonus!

* Gemstones
A piece of jewelry dripping with the gemstone symbolic of their birth month is a gift with extra meaning. Rings are the obvious choice for both genders… think about cufflinks or a watch for a man… and bracelets, earrings, pins, or brooches for a woman.

* Chocolate Gift
Chocolate is an aphrodisiac and a great way to bring on some romance. Make your lover some sensual chocolate dipped strawberries and pair them with a bottle of champagne on a romantic private evening. Or wrap up some edible chocolate they can wrap you up in later.

* Car Stereo
A new car stereo paired with a CD or ipod of love songs will make your lover's daily commute a joy ride!

* Diamonds
Diamonds are a shimmering gesture of love for both a man or woman. Rings are the obvious choice for both genders… think about cufflinks, a money clip, or a diamond watch for a man… and bracelets, earrings, pins, or brooches for a woman.

* Digital Camera
Get your lover a new camera and fill it with sexy pictures of yourself before wrapping it up!

* Engraved Love Letter
Have a love poem or letter engraved onto a plaque that will be as ever-lasting as your love.

* Erotic Gift
Seek out a new erotic toy or sexy lingerie you can both enjoy!

* Flowers
Flowers are always romantic Christmas gifts. Surprise your lover at work or when they come home with a beautiful bouquet or a room filled with their favorite flower.

* Gift Basket
Get your love a gift basket filled with romantic surprises. Choose from spa gift baskets, scented gift baskets, or adult themed baskets… or create your own with massage oils, love tokens and coupons, hershey kisses, etc.

* Gold Flowers
You can find real flowers coated in gold that will symbolically represent your never-ending love.

* Hammock
Get your lover something that will entice relaxation and comfort in their own backyard…and also romance when you both can snuggle in it together on warm afternoons.

* Joy Ride
A new car is always a fantastic gift! If it's not in your budget, rent their dream car for a weekend. Pair the gift with a romantic weekend getaway or Sunday joy ride and you will give your lover the gift of memories too!

* Kama Sutra Book
Choose a book you and your partner can entertain yourselves with during a romantic private evening.

* Lingerie
Some of the sexiest romantic Christmas gifts are the ones you wear! For men, choose beautiful lingerie that will flatter your woman (it's a gift for you as well!) For women, choose sexy lingerie to surprise your man and keep him warm on a winter night!

* Love Coupons
Find a book of love coupons that promise your significant other materialistic as well as physical things they may desire, such as a night out on the town or an intimate massage. You can also make your own, print them out, and laminate them with very specific choices and wording for each coupon. Get creative and add cute little pictures and playful options.

* Love Letters & Poems
Write a love letter or love poem for your significant other. If you are having trouble getting started, try to think of meaningful moments to describe with imagery that your partner will likely remember. Don't worry about being too mushy or playful. Just keep it real and from your heart.

* Love Letter in a Bottle
Put your love message in a bottle for an extra bit of excitement and uniqueness!

* Massage Gift
Massage gifts are perfect romantic Christmas gifts! A couples massage or spa day is an awesome surprise! Or get your partner massage oils and create a night of sweet caresses. An electric massager is also a great gift that keeps on giving.

* Rose Gifts
A bed of roses, a bath of roses, a dozen roses, golden roses, rose scented candles, and many other rose related romantic Christmas gifts are excellent ways to get the romance sparkling.

* Sensual Gifts
Get your love something sensual that will inspire romance….Everything from massage oils and lingerie to scented candles, erotic toys, and so on make for a sexy and romantic night of fun!

* Sexy Board Games
Find a playful or sexual adult board game that the two of you can create a romantic night of fun loving while playing together.

* Throw Blankets
Bring your lover a level of comfort and coziness with a plush throw blanket. Throw in a dvd that you can watch all curled up together in the blanket.

…if you are on a budget, there is no reason this year can't still be special!

Check out these inexpensive romantic gifts & ideas and homemade romantic gifts for a unique birthday that will send a meaningful message without costing a lot of money!

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Gift Idea Or Story?

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