Graduation Gift Ideas For Friends

Looking for extra special graduation gift ideas for friends? You've come to the right place!

Show how proud you are and how special your friendship has meant over the years with something meaningful, personal, or thoughtful.

Brainstorm special memories and collect favorite pictures to incorporate with creative gift ideas that are a reflection of your special bond and relationship.

If you are actually needing more specific ideas for your dear friend? Here are many great high school graduation gift ideas and college graduation gift ideas perfect for these momentous crossroads!

Here are some graduation gift ideas for friends
guaranteed to help you find the perfect present!:

* Bags & Accessories
A cool new bag, whether it's a computer bag, travel carry-on, book bag, shopping bag, or purse… is a gift they will use all the time!

* Coffee Mug With Your Photo Together
Have a coffee mug personalized with a favorite picture of the two of you!

* Cool Headphones
A new pair of cool headphones is a gift they will use all the time!

* Friendship Jewelry
Choose charms with special meaning between the two of you, lockets with your picture, or have a piece of jewelry engraved with your names. This isn't an idea just for girls… you can have rings, watches, and cufflinks engraved with a special message too!

* Friendship Poem
Poems are extra thoughtful Graduation gift ideas for friends. Write a poem for your friend or find an inspiring best friends poem and have it engraved into a cool piece of art.

* Inspirational Books
A book with an inspiring message is a great gift for a friend about to embark on a new adventure fresh after Graduation. Dr. Seuss' Oh The Places You Will Go is perfect for this occasion!

* Items Engraved With Inspirational Messages
Choose an inspirational message and engrave it on everything from jewelry, photo frames, coffee mugs, memo pads, and so many other items.

* Memory Box
Find a beautiful box and fill it with pictures, momentos, keepsakes, and sentimental items you've collected from all your favorite memories and take your friend on a trip down memory lane.

* Personalized Make-up/Toiletry Bag
Every lady needs a cute little bag for her precious cosmetics and every man needs a practical travel bag for his daily grooming items. Find a cool one and have it personalized with their name or initials!

* Personalized Water Bottle
A personalized aluminum water bottle with their name is a gift they will use often and think of you every time!

* Photo Frame
Frame a great picture of the two of you. Make a homemade frame or find a cool one and have it personalized for extra meaning!

* Quotes Book
Start documenting all the silly quotes and inside jokes you share. Compile a book that will have your friend's sides aching with laughter while reminiscing over all the memories and stories that created the quotes and jokes.

* Scrapbook
Try to gather all your sentimental items, such as favorite movie stubs, concert tickets, vacation receipts, etc., and photos from all your years together as friends and create a scrapbook documenting your relationship!

* Share Journal
Find a cool and unique journal you can mail back and forth to each other. Fill it with quotes, inside jokes, stories, cut and pasted photos, and letters to each other! Share journals are awesome gifts you both can look back on one day and laugh at all the fun you had together!

* Throw Blanket
A throw blanket is a nice gift that your friend may need but wasn't going to buy for themselves anytime soon. Find one with their college team logo for an extra special touch!

* Time Capsule
Similar to a scrapbook, but more detailed about the year they were born and all the milestone years until now. Give them an ipod or CDs of all the popular songs from the year they were born, and each significant year in their lives since. You could also include all the big news and pop culture from those years and put it all together it in a cool spacey package.

* Vision Board
Cut out pictures from magazines, etc. of images that you know will inspire your friend. You probably know what their dreams are, so find photos that represent their deepest desires…..anything goes… pictures of the beach, Europe, mountains, cars, houses, babies, lovers, dancing, laughing, etc. Mount the pictures together in a beautiful collage. Vision boards are Graduation gift ideas for friends that will push them to realize their highest potential.

* Waterproof Radio
A waterproof radio is a fun gift they will enjoy overtime they are singing and dancing in the shower!

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