College Graduation Gift Ideas

Looking for extra special College Graduation gift ideas? You've come to the right place!

What a thrilling time in a person's life... No more school books and no more teacher's dirty looks! It's time for the real world!

This is a defining and honorable moment!

The last fews years will be looked back upon with nostalgia as the future slowly unfolds with new and exciting twists and turns. Let the new chapter begin!

Show how proud you are of the brainiac and how supportive you are for their exciting new adventure in life with creative gift ideas for graduation that are both practical, thoughtful, and meaningful.

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Here are some College Graduation gift ideas
guaranteed to help you find the perfect present!:

* Alarm Clock
Help them to wake up early and start their successful career off right with a cool alarm clock. Choose a fun radio alarm clock or one that also has white noises and nature sounds to help them fall asleep!

* Barware
The newly independent will be thrilled to have their own cool barware. You can find a wide variety of College Graduation gift ideas from cocktail glasses & bottle stoppers to cocktail shakers & complete bar sets.

* Bath Towels
Soft new towels will be greatly appreciated on those early mornings before they head off to work!

* Bedding
A great comforter and bedding set will make them feel comfy and safe in their new living space!

* Bookcases
A bookcase where they can see all their favorite books on display will remind them what a smart little cookie they are!

* Books
A book with an inspiring message (Dr. Seuss' Oh The Places You Will Go is perfect for this occasion!) or a book based on their chosen field of study or career is a great gift.

* Briefcase
A briefcase will really come in handy to keep the loads of new creative projects they will be working on all in one place!

* Business Card Holder
Give them a cool place to show off their fancy business cards!

* Camera
If they don't have a camera already, this is always a perfect gift!

* Car
If it's in your budget, a car to start them on the road of life is a grand choice!

* Cash
Nothing beats cold hard cash!

* City-Related
If they are relocating to a new city, brainstorm city-related college Graduation gift ideas. For example, if their new city has a subway system, buy them an annual pass or a ton of tokens. If they are moving somewhere with different weather from where they currently live, get them set up with all the gear they will need to survive... winter coats and gloves, or sun hats. Or locate some of the hot spot restaurants or places to visit... and load them up with gift certificates!

* College-Related
Give them apparel, accessories, or gear that is branded with their college's logo or name. They will love showing off their school for years to come!

* Cookbook
This is a great time in life to start cooking for yourself and experimenting in the kitchen! Give them a fun recipe book to inspire them to stay away from the ramen noodles!

* Computer and/or Accessories
A computer is an essential item for everyone. Laptops are practical and amazing college Graduation gift ideas. If they already have one, get them a cool accessory for the computer they already have, like a hip computer bag, lap cushion, or a new flash drive!

* Desk Lamps
This will be very useful on those nights where they have to stay up late working on that exciting new project!

* Digital Frame
A digital frame with rotating images of their friends and family is great gift that will make them feel close to the friends who have all headed off in so many different directions and the family they may have had to leave behind.

* Engraved Pen & Desk Supplies
Engraved items that will come in handy during their working hours are practical gifts with a personal touch!

* Experiential
A really amazing adventure is truly a gift that will stay with them forever. Choose from something relaxing like brunch on a yacht or a sunset sailing cruise… or something exciting like bungee jumping, sky-diving, river rafting, or kayaking.

* Frame For Diploma
A beautiful frame to show off their diploma is one of the most sentimental College Graduation gift ideas.

* Gift Basket
Gift baskets are always perfect gifts for any occasion and come with many surprises! Choose everything from food & wine baskets, fruit baskets, and gourmet cheese baskets… to spa, golf, or Starbucks gift baskets… and so many more unique items!

* Gift Card
Some people are hard to buy for. Gift cards to their favorite clothing shops, electronics stores, or restaurants are College Graduation gift ideas you can't go wrong with!

* Headphones
A new pair of cool headphones is a gift they will use all the time!

* iPod Speakers
iPod speakers are always useful and will be joy to their new home.

* Items Engraved With Inspirational Messages
Items engraved with an inspiring message is a great gift for someone about to embark on a new adventure fresh after Graduation

* Jewelry
Find an affordable piece of jewelry and have it engraved. The message you put on it will make it priceless!

* Massage Chair
This will be a great addition to their new apartment and will help them relax after those long days at work!

* Organizers
An organizer isn't all that much fun to receive, but is is always practical. You can make it more fun by filling it with many small surprises, like lottery tickets or gift certificates!

* Pajamas
Comfy Pajamas are a thoughtful gift they can curl up in for sweet dreams!

* Personalized Make-up/Toiletry Bag
Every lady needs a cute little bag for her precious cosmetics and every man needs a practical travel bag for his daily grooming items. Find a cool one and have it personalized with their name or initials!

* Personalized Coffee Travel Mug
Have their name or initials engraved on a travel mug. It will make them feel special every time they use it!

* Personal Portfolio
A personal portfolio is a useful gift. Have it personalized with their name or initials for an extra touch!

* Small Cooking Appliances
Coffee-makers, blenders, juicers, and all sorts of small cooking appliances are College Graduation gift ideas that will come in very handy!

* Stocks
Now this is the gift that keeps on giving!

* Travel Gear
A new carry-on travel bag or toiletries bag is the perfect gift for a graduate who is always on the go!

* Water-proof Radio
This will be a fun gift they will love, especially on those early mornings where it is hard to get moving!

* Work Apparel
If they are starting a new job, they will likely need new types of appropriate fashion. For instance, professional clothing or gift certificates to a professional clothing store would be a great gift for someone starting an office or corporate job.

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