Creative Gift Ideas

Show how proud you are of the graduate with fun, yet practical & creative gift ideas. Graduation is a momentous crossroads that deserves presents that are both supportive and helpful for their new adventure.

If you are a graduate yourself, or have a good friend about to graduate, here are some specific graduation gift ideas for friends to help you express your relationship during this exciting time of life!

If you are actually needing more specific ideas for your brainiac? Here are many great high school graduation gift ideas and college graduation gift ideas perfect for these momentous crossroads!

Here are some ideas to inspire your search
for meaningful and creative gift ideas

* Bonsai Tree

A Bonsai plant is a beautiful gift that will bring a sense of peace to their new independent world.

* Family Heirloom
If you have something in your family that is passed down, this is the perfect opportunity to show them you respect them and trust theme enough to be the chosen one to care for something so important.

* French Press
A great gift for the Graduate entering a world. Present it with some gourmet coffee and tea!

* Gift Baskets
Gift baskets are always perfect gifts for any occasion and come with many surprises! Choose everything from food & wine baskets, fruit baskets, and gourmet cheese baskets… to spa, golf, or Starbucks gift baskets… and so many more unique items!

* Globe
A globe is a unique gift that will inspire their dreams of continued travel and education. Put special markings on the globe of places you know they have visited, dream of visiting, or have plans to visit for a personal touch.

* Journal
A nice personal journal or beautiful diary will give them a special place to express themselves.

* Laundry Gift Basket
Gather items that will be useful on their new independent lifestyle and fill a laundry basket with it. Get creative, you can put in anything you imagine would be useful… from the obvious laundry detergent, and bath towels… to calling cards, stationary, bed sheets, stamps, toiletries, clothing, etc.

* Magazine Subscription
Get them a subscription to a magazine related to their desired field of study or profession!

* Mini Vending Machine
This is a really cool gift that will make all their friends thirsty with envy!

* Oh The Places You'll Go
A favorite for many, this Dr. Seuss book is inspirational and will remind them to never lose their childlike wonder.

* Printer
Any graduate will likely have a need for a printer. This is a great practical gift they will use often.

* Tea Set
A tea set will bring warmth and joy on those late nights when he or she is studying or working late.

* Tool Box
A tool box with all the basic tools and essentials is a gift that will surely come in handy!

* Wallet Or Purse
A new wallet or purse is a fun gift if you throw in a surprise like some lottery tickets or gift certificates.

* Watch
A personalized watch is a timeless gift they will use all the time.

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