Christmas Gift Ideas
For Grandparents!

The holiday season is a wonderful opportunity to choose Christmas gift ideas for Grandparents that allow them to express themselves.

Think of their interests and activities to inspire gift ideas that are unique to their tastes and personality.

Or choose personalized gifts that reflect to them how much you cherish their childlike wonder of the world….

…and how glad you are to have them in your life.

More Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

More Christmas Gift Ideas For Women

Here are some ideas that are great for either Grandpa or Grandma, followed by gender specific suggestions!

Christmas gift ideas for Grandparents
guaranteed to light up their holiday!

* Bathrobe
A soft, plush bathrobe is an awesome gift! Have it personalized with their name or initials to make it extra special!

* Bed and Breakfast Gift Certificate
A gift certificate for a weekend away at a beautiful bed and breakfast is a charming gift anyone would love!

* Candles
Candles are always sweet gifts that bring joy to the air!

* Coffee Mug
A personalized coffee mug with pictures of their grandchildren or pets is a gift they will cherish again and again!

* Coin
An antique coin from the year they were born is a cool idea that will make them feel special.

* Computer and/or Accessories
If they are computer literate, a new computer or accessories would be a practical and amazing gift.

* DVDs
DVDs of their favorite movies or TV shows…or even their favorites from their childhood... are Christmas gift ideas for Grandparents that will keep on giving!

* Experiential
A really amazing adventure is truly a gift that will stay with them forever. A promise of a future hot air ballon ride, trip to a winery, brunch on a yacht, sunset sailing cruise, art museum tickets, observatory trip, or theater tickets are all fun ideas they will love.

* Gift Baskets
Choose something they would be interested in and get them a gift basket filled with surprises… you can choose everything from beer, food & wine baskets to spa, golf, or starbucks... and so many more unique items! Make your own basket with some of their favorite movie DVDs, movie popcorn, movie gift certificates, and candy!

* Gift Card
Some people are hard to buy for. A gift card to their favorite clothing shop, electronics store, or restaurant is a gift you can't go wrong with!

* Hammock
A hammock is a unique and thoughtful gift that is also a promise for relaxing summer afternoons swaying in the breeze.

* iPad or Kindle e-book
If they are not afraid of new technology, surprise them with a cool iPad or Kindle e-book!

* iPod and/or Accessories
Get them an ipod filled with their favorite music, or if they already have one, cool accessories are also great gift an ipod speaker dock.

* Journal
A neat journal is a unique and creative gift. Throw in a personalized pen!

* Lessons
Other ideas that are fun and educational are lessons…choose from sailing, flying, cooking, golf, art classes, and pretty much anything that would interest them.

* Luggage
Luggage or a new carry-on bag is an awesome gift if they have a big trip coming up or travel often.

* Magazine Subscription
Choose a magazine they love to read and get them a free year subscription! Magazines on everything from travel & sports to photography, crafts, poetry, pottery, home improvements, & home decor make perfect Christmas gift ideas for Grandparents!

* Massage Pillow
A gift that will make them feel great!

* New Camera
Taking photos and recording memories is priceless. Cameras are always a great gift if the recipient doesn't have a good one yet.

* Pajamas
Comfy Pajamas are a thoughtful gift they can curl up in for sweet dreams!

* Personalized Gifts
You can find awesome Christmas gift ideas for Grandparents with a personal touch! Everything from personalized apparel, journals, & wall clocks to photo frames, photo pillows, & luggage.

* Personalized Photo Calendar
A personalized photo calendar is a great gift! Choose pictures documenting special family memories or pictures of places you are planning on visiting in the next year!

* Photo Renovation
Most likely your grandparents have older pictures of your family that are faded or falling apart. Having those priceless photos preserved and restored is such a special gift. Photo Renovate is a great place for professional photo restoration and retouching services!

* Poem
Write them a poem from your heart or find one that expresses how you feel. Have it engraved onto something tangible that will stand the test of time.

* Sports Gear or Apparel
If Grandpa or Grandma likes sports or has a favorite team, sports gear or apparel are Christmas gift ideas for Grandparents they will love!

* Slippers
Slippers are always a practical, yet thoughtful gift!

* Throw Blanket
A soft and cozy throw blanket will wrap them up with love and comfort!

* Time Capsule
A time capsule documenting the big news and pop culture from the year they were born and all the milestone years until now, like the year of their wedding, children's birth dates, grandchildren's birth dates, etc., is a fun and nostalgia inspiring gift….or give them an ipod/CDs of all the popular songs from all those meaningful years.

* Wine Gifts
Wine gifts are always a classy choice. Get them a nice bottle of wine, or a unique wine holder, wine tote, cork screw, wine stoppers, etc. Have the items personalized for an extra touch. Or for the true connoisseur, a Wine Of The Month Club Membership is a priceless present!.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Grandparents

* Apparel
Women all ages love fashion. Just be sure you know her tastes if you are going to surprise her. If you're not sure, take her on a shopping day or get her a gift card to a store she loves.

* Jewelry
Jewelry is always a beautiful gift. You can choose from rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, etc. If she has children and/or grandchildren, you can get her jewelry with their birthstones as well to make it extra meaningful.

* Chocolate Gift
A chocolate gift basket or a box of fine chocolate will charm her with sweetness!

* Fashion Accessories
Any kind of handbags, purses, jewelry, cashmere scarves, and so on are great gifts for Grandma.

* Jewelry Box
A cool jewelry box is a unique gift. Put a piece of jewelry inside as a nice surprise!

* Photo Shoot
If she has children and/or grandchildren, she will cherish a professional photo shoot of her and her family.

* Shawl
A beautiful new shawl she can wrap around her shoulders is a great gift for those cold winter afternoons.

* Spa Set
Every girl, no matter what age, loves to be pampered. Get her a day at the spa, a spa gift basket, or a spa set that will make her feel like a queen for the day!

Christmas Gift Ideas For Grandparents

* Apparel
Just be sure you know his tastes if you are going to surprise him. If you're not sure, take him on a shopping day or get him a gift card to a store he likes.

* Money Clip
A money clip with the birthstones of his grandchildren is a priceless gift!

* Personalized Drinking Glass or Mug
A fabulous gift that will get a ton of use!

* Stylish Accessories
Everything from scarves and hats that reflect his personal style to silk neckties and cufflinks dripping with semi-precious stones are great gifts for Grandpa!

* Swiss Army Knife
A simple gift men of all ages needs!

* Watch
A cool new watch is a timeless and practical gift.

…if you are on a budget, there is no reason this year can't still be special!

You can still inspire great amounts of joy with cheap Christmas gift ideas… Don't let a tight budget hold you back from spreading the holiday spirit and sharing in the the season for giving!

Check out this list of homemade Christmas gift ideas and these top 5 inexpensive Christmas gifts for a present that will be special without costing a fortune!

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