Christmas Gift Ideas
For Friends!

Are you looking for Christmas gift ideas for friends that will be a simple gesture of your affection… or a silly way to reflect all the fun you have together?

… Or perhaps something meaningful that will express your admiration and gratitude for this person being in your life?

The holiday season is the time of year when we share in the spirit of Christmas and celebrate, not only our families, but the friends in our lives.

Friends are the backbone that keep us together and deserve great gifts… whether they are simple, meaningful, or gag-related.

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Here are some Christmas gift ideas for friends
guaranteed to light up their holiday!:

* Apparel
You likely know your friend's style as well as they do. Surprise them with Christmas gift ideas for friends that reflect their personal style... but that they may not buy for themselves.

* Autographed Memorabilia
If they have a favorite movie star or sports hero, have a piece of memorabilia autographed with a personal message for your friend!

* Bags & Accessories
A cool new bag, whether it's a computer bag, travel carry-on, book bag, shopping bag, or purse… is a gift they will use all the time!

* Friend Poem
Write a poem for your friend or find an inspiring friends poem and have it engraved into a cool piece of art.

* Friend Song
Write a song and record it for your friend or find the best friendship songs and make your friend a mixtape! Composing songs or making mixtapes are meaningful and fun, yet cheap and easy Christmas gift ideas for friends if you are on a budget!

* Best Friend T-Shirts
Have shirts made for you both to wear that incorporate either a special saying or quote you share, a favorite band you both love, or a picture of the two of you.

* Bonsai Tree
A bonsai plant is a beautiful gift that conveys a peaceful and everlasting message.

* Experiential
A really amazing adventure is truly a gift that will stay with them forever. Choose from something relaxing like brunch on a yacht or a sunset sailing cruise… or something exciting like bungee jumping, sky-diving, river rafting, or kayaking.

* Coffee Mug Surprise
Find a cool and oversized coffee mug and fill it with an interesting surprise… hot cocoa, coffee, a comfy pair of rolled up socks, jewelry, lottery tickets, etc.

* Experiential
A really amazing adventure is truly a gift that will stay with them forever. Choose from something relaxing like brunch on a yacht or a sunset sailing cruise… or something exciting like bungee jumping, sky-diving, river rafting, or kayaking.

* Fragrance
Their favorite perfume or cologne is a great gift because it is usually expensive and they will be delighted they didn't have to buy for themselves this time around!

* Friends Theme
You can find fun jewelry, picture frames, & apparel, etc. all with a friends theme that are perfect Christmas gift ideas for friends!

* Gift Baskets
Gift baskets are easy ways to give something you know they will love and wonderful Christmas gift ideas for friends. Choose a basket filled with items themed around something they would a spa, movies, coffee, food and wine, or golf themed basket.

* Gift Card
Some people are hard to buy for. It may not be as exciting as something tangible, but a personalized gift card to their favorite clothing shop, electronics store, or restaurant is a gift you can't go wrong with!

* Gag Gifts
A silly gag gift can be fun if your friend has a great sense of humor! Choose from funny t-shirts, drinking hats, beer belts, and so much more!

* Handkerchiefs, Bandanas, Scarves
You can get creative with a personalized handkerchief or a colorful bandana or scarf.

* Kitchenware
You can find a variety of kitchenware items that are perfect Christmas gift ideas for friends who like to casually entertain or have theme parties. Cute themed or decorated items for their next hosted event are a fun way to celebrate!

* Magazine Subscription
Choose a magazine they would love to read and get them a free year subscription! Choose something based on their hobbies or interests… you can find a magazines for everything from home improvement, home decor, photography, painting, crafts, poetry, & pottery to fashion, yoga, sports, dirt biking, basketball, & travel, etc.

* Music Subscription or Gift Card
Get them a year subscription to an mp3 downloads site like, or an itunes or amazon gift card. This is also a great surprise item to throw in with an ipod or ipod accessory.

* Music or Movie Posters
If your friend has a favorite band or movie, a cool framed poster for their wall is a fun gift.

* Music or Movie T-shirt
A t-shirt with images of their favorite band or movie is also a cool gift, especially if you pair it with the bands CD, concert tickets, the movie DVD, or a special viewing of their favorite movie on a big screen.

* Paintings & Prints
Choose a painting or a framed print of a piece of art that will have special significance to your best friend, such as the image of a favorite flower or landscape.

* Personalized Cartoon
A personalized cartoon is a fun gift you and your friend can share a laugh over!

* Personalized Gifts
A personalized gift can be either thoughtful and meaningful choices of keepsakes, jewelry, or photo frames…. or a humorous and fun gift of t-shirts, coffee mugs, license plates, or gag gifts.

* Personalized Glass or Mug
A glass or mug with a personalized picture of the two of you or their pet is a fun and practical gift your friend will cherish and use all the time!

* Photo Frame
Frame a great picture of the two of you. Make a homemade frame or find a cool one and have it personalized for extra meaning! Photo gifts are always Christmas gift ideas for friends you can't go wrong with!

* Quotes Book
Start documenting all the silly quotes and inside jokes you share. Compile a book that will have your friend's sides aching with laughter while reminiscing over all the memories and stories that created the quotes and jokes.

* Reservations
Plan a night out or experiential gift for the future and present it with a creative and artistic printout of the reservation or itinerary!

* Scrapbook
Try to gather all your sentimental items, such as favorite movie stubs, concert tickets, vacation receipts, etc., and photos from all your years together as friends and create a scrapbook documenting your relationship!

* Share Journal
Find a cool and unique journal you can mail back and forth to each other. Fill it with quotes, inside jokes, stories, cut and pasted photos, and letters to each other! Share journals are awesome Christmas gift ideas for friends you both can look back on one day and laugh at all the fun you had together!

* Spa Set
Everybody, no matter what age, loves to be pampered. Get them a day at the spa, a spa gift basket, or a spa set that will make them feel refreshed and ready for the next year of adventure!

* Sports Gear or Apparel
If they play sports or have a favorite team, sports gear or apparel are Christmas gift ideas for friends they will go nuts over!

* Stationary
If your friend enjoys writing personal thank you notes, owns a business, etc… stationary is a great idea! You can get them beautiful stationary or notecards with envelopes, business cards, or professional stationary. Have the gift personalized to make it extra special!

* Throw Blanket
A throw blanket is a nice gift that your friend may need but wasn't going to buy for themselves anytime soon.

* Tickets
Choose an event your friend would love and purchase tickets. Be creative… you can buy tickets for everything from vacation flights, sports games, movies, plays, romantic train rides, balloon rides, & music concerts…to festivals that are specific to your friend's interests and passions, such as a food, music, or arts festival.

* Time Capsule
Similar to a scrapbook, but more detailed about the year they were born and all the milestone years until now. Give them an ipod or CDs of all the popular songs from the year they were born, and each significant year in their lives since. You could also include all the big news and pop culture from those years and put it all together it in a cool spacey package.

* Wine Gifts
Wine gifts are always great best friend birthday gift ideas for the wine lover. Get them a nice bottle of wine from the year they were born, a Wine of the Month Club Membership, a wine class, or a wine tasting experience. You can also choose from a unique wine holder, wine tote, cork screw, or wine stoppers, etc. Have the items personalized for an extra touch.

* Workout Accessories
If your friend is into fitness, a new pedometer or barometer is a fantastic and practical gift they probably wouldn't buy for themselves!

…and if you are on a budget, there is no reason this year can't still be special!

You can still inspire great amounts of joy with cheap Christmas gift ideas… Don't let a tight budget hold you back from spreading the holiday spirit and sharing in the the season for giving!

Check out this list of homemade Christmas gift ideas and these top 5 inexpensive Christmas gifts for a present that will be special without costing a fortune!

Friends are a special relationship. Choose Christmas gift ideas for friends that reflect how special they are to you!

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