First Anniversary Gift Ideas

…for a major celebration of love!

The delicate first year of marriage is a milestone to be cherished and celebrated with first anniversary gift ideas full of romance and meaning.

It's a year of adjustment and reflection that paves the way for a successful lifetime of memories.

Looking to symbolic anniversary gift ideas is a great way to find inspiration for a perfect anniversary present celebrating and signifying a couple's relationship and growth.

Symbolic 1st Anniversary Gifts





Gold Jewelry

first anniversary gift ideas
first aniversary gift ideas

Most of the following descriptions are about gifts for a husband or wife, but all of these ideas are also great first anniversary gift ideas for a couple as well!

Be sure to read to the end of the page to get inspired by not only the traditional & modern symbols, but by the anniversary flowers and stones too!

First Anniversary Gift Ideas

* Board Games & Jigsaw Puzzles
Find a game you both would enjoy and add an extra touch to the rules when you play…whether it is trading massages or playing a strip version. If you are planning a trip for your significant other, try to find a simple puzzle that becomes a picture of your destination when completed, and make them put the pieces together to guess where you will be going!

* Books
Look for something unique to your partner's passions or hobbies and choose a special edition book or comic, romantic novel, romantic book of poetry, beautiful photography coffee table book, or non-fiction based on their personal interests.

* Calendar
Make a calendar with a memorable picture for each month and mark all the days that are significant between you, such as your first date, first kiss, birthdays, wedding date, etc.

* Commemorative Newspaper
Find an old newspaper from your partner's date of birth or your wedding day. You could have it framed or made into a piece of wall art.

* Journal
A fun and romantic gift idea is a couple's journal… you can write love letters back and forth, or document your favorite memories and quotes that only the two of you share. A nice personal journal or beautiful diary is also an excellent gift if your partner is the artistic type who likes to express themselves in writing.

* Love Coupons
Love coupons are fun first anniversary gift ideas that can bring you even closer! Find a book of love coupons that promise your significant other materialistic as well as physical things they may desire, such as a night out on the town or an intimate massage. You can also make your own, print them out, and laminate them with very specific choices and wording for each coupon. Get creative and add cute little pictures and playful options.

* Love Letters & Poems
Write a love letter or love poem for your significant other. If you are having trouble getting started, try to think of meaningful moments to describe with imagery that your partner will likely remember. Don't worry about being too mushy or playful. Just keep it real and from your heart.

* Magazine Subscription
If you partner has a specific hobby or interest, find a magazine that will appeal to that passion. Whether it is fashion, golf, or gardening…you will find something for everyone out there.

* Origami
Find or make beautiful origami flowers and animals with special meanings or special messages written inside.

* Paintings & Prints
Choose a painting or a framed print of a piece of art that will have significance for your partner, such as the image of a favorite flower or landscape.

* Photographs
You can either choose a favorite picture of the two of you….or a photograph or poster of an image that has special meaning for your partner (such as a favorite flower or landscape) and have it framed.

* Post Cards
Gather a bunch of postcards for your dream destinations as a couple and work on making the dream a reality.

* Reservations
Plan a night out, romantic trip, or experiential gift for the future and present it with a creative and artistic printout of the reservation or itinerary.

* Scrapbook
Try to gather all your sentimental items, such as favorite movie stubs, concert tickets, vacation receipts, etc., and photos from the last year and create a scrapbook documenting your relationship or first year of marriage.

* Stationery
If your significant other enjoys writing personal thank you notes owns a business, etc., stationary is a great idea! You can get them beautiful stationary or notecards with envelopes, personalized business cards, professional stationary, etc.

* Tickets
Choose an event your partner would love and purchase tickets. Be creative, you can buy tickets for everything from vacation flights, sports games, movies, plays, romantic train rides, balloon rides, and music concerts…to festivals that are specific to your partner's interests and passions, such as a food, music, or arts festival.

First Anniversary Gift Ideas

* Alarm Clock
Choose a unique alarm clock that will wake your spouse up in a peaceful and loving way, either with music or nature sounds.

* Antique or Vintage Clock
A beautiful antique clock would be a great gift for someone who loves antiques and collectibles.

* Beautiful Watch
A watch is always a nice gift. Choose a classy and sophisticated design or a decorated watch with symbolic gemstones or diamonds.

* Clock Art
You can make a homemade clock or find a painting or art print of an abstract clock.

* Clock Calculator
Help your partner keep time and keep you in mind while keeping track of the finances.

* Clock Organizer
A clock incorporated into a professional organizer is a nice touch for the busy spouse.

* Cuckoo Clock
A cute and unique gift that will remind you of your love every time the cuckoo bird comes out to sing.

* Decorated Clock
Choose a clock designed with gemstones or diamonds carrying symbolic meaning that is reflective of your relationship.

* Desk Clock
A desk clock would be a great addition for their office and would remind them of you and your relationship throughout the day.

* Gold Watch
The first anniversary symbolic jewelry/stone is gold jewelry, so a gold watch is the perfect accessory incorporating both meaningful traditions.

* Personalized Clock
Add a personal touch with a clock that is engraved or has a memorable picture incorporated into the design.

* Sports Watch
If your spouse is the adventurous type, a sports or waterproof watch will be the perfect gift to accompany their wild side.

First Anniversary Gift Ideas

* Carnation and Pansy Flowers
Obviously, flowers are always a sweet and lovely gift.

* Carnation or Pansy Art
Find a painting, photograph, or art print that incorporates beautiful carnation or pansy flowers. Or even better, paint one yourself!

* Carnation and Pansy Scents
You can find yummy flower scented perfumes and candles to symbolically celebrate this special anniversary!

* For an Extra Touch!
Add a card with the special meaning of the carnation and/or pansy flower.
The carnation stands for fascination, distinction, and pure love. Let your spouse know that you are endlessly fascinated by how distinct and unique your pure love is!
The pansy signifies love and merriment. Let your spouse know their love brings you happiness and merriment you look forward to spending the rest of your days enjoying!

First Anniversary Gift Ideas

* Anniversary Ring
A simple gold ring (or matching gold rings) is an elegant and stunning gift.

* Bracelet
A golden bracelet or anklet dripping with diamonds will make your spouse glitter and glow.

* Earrings
Gold earrings with pretty diamonds for your pretty spouse are a perfect way to celebrate.

* Gold Cufflinks
Gold cufflinks are a dashing gift that will add some pizazz to your husband's sophisticated look.

* Golden Pins & Brooches
A lovely gift that is a beautiful accessory for the stylish wife.

* Watch
A gold pocket or wristwatch is a great gift for the first wedding anniversary.


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