40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Four decades of love is a beautiful achievement! Give 40th wedding anniversary gifts that reflect the significance of this celebration!

A meaningful way to celebrate your love and congratulations is by looking to symbolic wedding anniversary gifts by year.

You'll find inspiration for a perfect anniversary present celebrating and signifying a couple's relationship and growth.

Symbolic 40th Anniversary Gifts


Most of the following descriptions are about gifts for a husband or wife, but all of these ideas are also great 40th anniversary gifts for a couple as well!

Be sure to read to the end of the page to get inspired by not only the traditional & modern symbols, but by the anniversary flowers and stones too!

40th Anniversary Gifts

* Anniversary Ring
You can never go wrong with a beautiful ruby anniversary ring.

* Ruby Bracelet
A bracelet or anklet dripping with ruby gems will make your spouse glitter and glow.

* Ruby Cufflinks
A handsome gift for your handsome man.

* Ruby Earrings
If you love nibbling on her ears, ruby earrings are the perfect way to tell her.

* Ruby Pins & Brooches
A ruby pin or brooch is a lovely 40th wedding anniversary gift. If you have one that can be passed on as a family heirloom, it will be even more meaningful.

* Ruby Watch
A pocket or wristwatch decorated with ruby gemstones is a nice anniversary gift for the spouse who loves to wear beautiful watches.

* For an Extra Touch!
Ruby's bold color is expressive of the love and passion it takes for a relationship to thrive after four decades of marriage. Add a card telling your spouse your love is still as bold, passionate, and beautiful as the ruby stone.

40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

* Gladioli Flowers
Obviously, flowers are always a sweet and lovely gift.

* Gladioli Art
Find a painting, photograph, or art print that incorporates beautiful gladioli flowers. Or even better, paint one yourself!

* For an Extra Touch!
Add a card with the special meaning of the gladioli flower, which is generosity, sincerity, vibrancy, and remembrance. Let your spouse know you are sincerely grateful for having found them for being able to spend your life with them. Tell your spouse how much you appreciate their generous supplies of kisses and love. You are filled with joy in remembering all the beautiful memories you have created together and you look forward to many more years of vibrant and passionate love to come.

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