2nd Anniversary Gifts

Sentimental or symbolic 2nd anniversary gifts are a great idea for a couple celebrating their first two years of marriage.

Whether you are looking for your partner or family or friends, looking to the symbolic wedding anniversary gifts by year is a meaningful way to communicate your love and congratulations!

Symbolic 2nd Anniversary Gifts

Lily of the Valley,

Most of the following descriptions are about gifts for a husband or wife, but all of these ideas are also great 2nd anniversary gifts for a couple as well!

Be sure to read to the end of the page to get inspired by not only the traditional & modern symbols, but by the anniversary flowers and stones too!

More Creative Anniversary Gift Ideas

More Romantic Anniversary Gifts

2nd Anniversary Gifts

* Apparel
Find a piece of clothing made primarily from cotton that appeals to your spouse's sense of style. You can find a range of ideas from classic men's or women's tops to cotton t-shirts and cute linen dresses.

* Apron
A cotton apron is a fantastic gift if your spouse loves to cook or entertain on the grill!

* Bags & Accessories
A great cotton bag, book bag, canvas shopping bag, or travel carry-on is a perfect gift for the 2nd anniversary.

* Bathrobes
A new bathrobe or matching cotton bathrobes is a romantic and sensual way to wrap your spouse up in coziness!

* Bed Linens
Add a dash of romance with soft bed linens for your bedroom.

* Cotton Club
Take your spouse out to a jazz club reminiscent of the infamous Cotton Club, or plan a romantic evening at home playing all the great jazz tunes from the Cotton Club's heyday.

* Hats & Gloves
A sports cap, cool sunhat, or nice gloves made of cotton are all excellent 2nd anniversary gifts!

* Hammock
Get your spouse something that will entice relaxation and comfort in your own backyard…and also romance when you both can snuggle in it together on warm afternoons.

* Handkerchiefs, Bandannas, Scarves
You can get creative with a personalized handkerchief or a colorful bandanna or scarf.

* Kitchenware
You can find a variety of kitchenware items that would be a great present. For someone who likes to casually entertain or have theme parties, cute paper products themed or decorated for their next hosted event are a fun way to celebrate.

* Placemats
For someone who likes to host indoors or outdoors, fun or sophisticated placemats would be a fitting gift!

* Pillows
Pillows make fantastic 2nd anniversary gifts! You could buy your spouse fancy new bedrooms pillows or pillow covers to spice up the bedroom or decorative sofa pillows to add flare to your living room. If you want to add a level of comfort, give your partner a nice back or neck pillow. If your spouse travels often, you could purchase a circular neck pillow as a present.

* Rugs
A new rug or carpet is a present that will add a touch of creativity. Choose something your spouse will love to look at everyday, whether it is a beautiful new rug for the living area, or a small bathroom or kitchen rug.

* Shoes
For the casual or hip spouse , some cool new canvas shoes with cotton socks are a simple way to say I love you.

* Tablecloths
A cotton tablecloth is a simple and practical gift, or it can be a romantic gift if you pair it with a private dinner for the two of you. Find a print or color that will match the decor or add a bit of spice to the room.

* Throw Blankets
Bring your spouse a level of comfort and coziness with a plush throw blanket. Throw in a dvd that you can watch all curled up together in the blanket.

* Towels
Nice bath towels made from cotton are always a great idea. Everyone loves the soft and comforting touch of new towels.

2nd Anniversary Gifts

* China Jewelry
You can find a wealth of ideas in the jewelry department. Everything from brooches to earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

* Chinese Tea
If your spouse loves tea, Chinese tea is a great gift. Pair it with a tea set of China cups and saucers for that extra touch!

* Chinese Art
A beautiful piece of art by a Chinese artist or a Chinese painting or art print is a creative way to show your love.

* Chinese Fan
Beautifully crafted, a Chinese fan is an elegant and simple gift.

* China Figurines
If your spouse likes decorative figurines, find some made of China to add to their collection.

* Fine China Plates & Cups
China is always a refined gift of beauty. Plan a romantic dinner together or bring in a private caterer to put the fine dishes to a fun purpose!

* Trip to China
If you can afford it, a vacation to China would be such a romantic experience and adventure.

* Favorite Chinese Dinner
A simple romantic dinner at your favorite romantic chinese restaurant or ordering in at home is a cute and intimate way to celebrate.

* Fine China Pieces
From beautiful candlestick holders to fancy decanters, decorative ornaments to distinguished trays and candy dishes, gorgeous tea cups and saucers to simple pitchers and mugs…you can find the perfect 2nd anniversary gifts of fine china.

2nd Anniversary Gifts

* Lily of the Vally and Cosmo Flowers
Obviously, flowers are always a sweet and lovely gift.

* Lily of the Valley or Cosmo Flower Art
Find a painting, photograph, or art print that incorporates beautiful lily of the valley or cosmo flowers. Or even better, paint one yourself!

* For an Extra Touch!
Add a card with the special meaning of the lily of the valley and/or cosmo flower.
The lily of the valley stands for purity and sweetness. Let your spouse know that the purity of their love brings sweet joy and happiness to your life.
The cosmo flower signifies modesty. Let your spouse know you are humbled by the beauty and sincerity found in your heart with every thought of the love you share.

2nd Anniversary Gifts

* Garnet Bracelet
A bracelet or anklet dripping with garnet gems will make your spouse glitter and glow.

* Garnet Cufflinks
A dashing gift that will add some pizazz to your husband's sophisticated look.

* Garnet Earrings
If you love nibbling on her ears, garnet earrings are the perfect way to tell her!

* Garnet Pins & Brooches
A lovely gift that is a beautiful accessory for the stylish wife.

* Garnet Ring
Garnet rings are an elegant and stunning gift.

* Garnet Watch
A pocket or wristwatch decorated with garnets is a nice 2nd wedding anniversary gift for the spouse who loves to wear beautiful watches.

…if you are on a budget, there is no reason you can't find anniversary gift ideas just as special as the occasion!

Check out these inexpensive romantic gifts and homemade anniversary gift ideas for a unique anniversary that will send a meaningful message without costing a lot of money!

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