20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Two decades of love is a beautiful achievement! Give 20th wedding anniversary gifts that reflect the significance of this celebration!

A meaningful way to celebrate your love and congratulations is by looking to symbolic wedding anniversary gifts by year.

You'll find inspiration for a perfect anniversary present celebrating and signifying a couple's relationship and growth.

Symbolic 20th Anniversary Gifts

Day Lily

Most of the following descriptions are about gifts for a husband or wife, but all of these ideas are also great 20th anniversary gifts for a couple as well!

Be sure to read to the end of the page to get inspired by not only the traditional & modern symbols, but by the anniversary flowers and stones too!

More Creative Anniversary Gift Ideas

More Romantic Anniversary Gifts

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

* China Jewelry
You can find a wealth of ideas in the jewelry department. Everything from rings & brooches to earrings, necklaces, & bracelets.

* Chinese Tea
If your spouse loves tea, Chinese tea is a great gift. Pair it with a tea set of China cups and saucers for that extra touch!

* Chinese Art
A beautiful piece of art by a Chinese artist or a Chinese painting or art print is a creative way to show your love.

* Chinese Fan
Beautifully crafted, a Chinese fan is an elegant and simple gift.

* China Figurines
If your spouse likes decorative figurines, find some made in China to add to their collection.

* Fine China Plates & Cups
Fine China plates are always a refined gift of beauty. Plan a romantic dinner together or bring in a private caterer to put the fine dishes to a fun purpose!

* Trip to China
If you can afford it, a vacation to China would be a romantic experience and adventure.

* Favorite Chinese Dinner
A simple romantic dinner at your favorite romantic chinese restaurant or ordering in at home is a cute and intimate way to celebrate.

* Fine China Pieces
From beautiful candlestick holders to fancy decanters, decorative ornaments to distinguished trays and candy dishes, gorgeous tea cups and saucers to simple pitchers and mugs…you can find the perfect 20th anniversary gifts of fine china.

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

* Binoculars
Tasco makes some cool platinum binoculars that are a unique and creative gift idea.

* Platinum Anniversary Ring
You can never go wrong with a beautiful diamond anniversary ring with a platinum band!

* Platinum Bracelet
A shining platinum bracelet or anklet decorated with the 20th anniversary emerald gemstone is a perfect gift for your wife with extra meaning.

* Platinum China
You can find beautiful china tableware that is accented with hints of platinum that are also extra symbolic on this special anniversary.

* Platinum Cufflinks
A handsome gift for your handsome man.

* Platinum Drinkware
You can find cool drinkware with platinum accents. Everything from beverage glasses and mugs to wine glasses, champagne flutes, coffeepots, and coffee cups.

* Platinum Earrings
If you love nibbling on her ears, silver platinum earrings are the perfect way to tell her. Add the 20th anniversary emerald gemstone for an extra touch!

* Platinum Kitchenware
All kinds of accessories for the kitchen are made in platinum. A great gift for the spouse who loves to cook or bbq.

* Platinum Pendant or Brooch
A platinum pin or brooch is a lovely 20th anniversary gift. If you have one that can be passed on as a family heirloom, it will be even more meaningful. Don't forget to add the 20th anniversary emerald gemstone for extra significance!

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

* Aster and Day Lily Flowers
Obviously, flowers are always a sweet and lovely gift.

* Aster or Day Lily Flower Art
Find a painting, photograph, or art print that incorporates beautiful aster or day lily flowers. Or even better, paint one yourself!

* For an Extra Touch!
Add a card with the special meaning of the aster and/or day lily flower.
The aster flower stands for love, daintiness, wisdom, and good fortune. Let your spouse know that you are grateful for their delicate love and your good fortune when they choose you.
The day lily flower signifies purity and flirtation. Let your spouse know the pure love you feel for them is deep and real all while being playfully flirty. You will both feel a renewed sense of youth by tapping into flirtatious behaviors from your courtship days.

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

* Emerald Bracelet
A bracelet or anklet dripping with emerald gems will make your spouse glitter and glow.

* Emerald Cufflinks
A dashing gift that will add some pizazz to your husband's sophisticated look.

* Emerald Earrings
Emerald earrings made with silver platinum will have extra meaning.

* Emerald Pins & Brooches
A lovely gift that is a beautiful accessory for the stylish wife.

* Emerald Ring
Emerald rings are an elegant and stunning gift.

* Emerald Watch
A pocket or wristwatch decorated with emeralds is a nice 20th wedding anniversary gift for the spouse who loves to wear beautiful watches.

…if you are on a budget, there is no reason you can't find first anniversary gift ideas just as special as the occasion!

Check out these inexpensive romantic gifts and homemade anniversary gift ideas for a unique birthday that will send a meaningful message without costing a lot of money!

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