10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

You'll want a 10 year anniversary gift just as special as this significant occasion celebrating the strength and beauty of a marriage.

After 10 years, the relationship is still fairly young in retrospect, but the couple has probably seen more ups and downs by this point.

Successful couples have developed skills to work with each other that are flexible yet durable. The relationship is capable of being bent without being broken.

To signify this strength, the traditional symbols of tin and aluminum have the same qualities.

The modern symbol of diamond jewelry represents the durability and beauty in the relationship and makes for a romantic symbolic gift.

Whether you are looking for your partner or family or friends, looking to the symbolic wedding anniversary gifts by year is a meaningful way to communicate your love and congratulations!

Symbolic 10th Anniversary Gifts

Tin or Aluminum
Diamond Jewelry
Diamond Jewewlry

Most of the following descriptions are about gifts for a husband or wife, but all of these ideas are also great 10th anniversary gifts for a couple as well!

Be sure to read to the end of the page to get inspired by not only the traditional & modern symbols, but by the anniversary flowers and stones too!

More Creative Anniversary Gift Ideas

More Romantic Anniversary Gifts

10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

* Antiques & Collectibles
If your spouse is a collector, find a rare or unique antique tin bank or tin toy.

* Candle Tin
Choose a favorite scented candle in a beautiful tin and light the spark for a romantic evening of massages in the soft glow of candlelight.

* Clock
A neat tin clock for the wall or desk is a simple and easy 10 year anniversary gift.

* Coffee or Tea Tin
Find a coffee or tea tin filled with your spouse's favorite flavor!

* Digital Camera
A new camera to capture all the memories yet to come is a fantastic gift your spouse will love!

* Food
Make your spouse some yummy cookies or banana bread and present it in a cute little tin can or box.

* Games and Puzzles
Find a game or puzzle in a tin that the two of you can spend an intimate night playing together.

* Home Decor
Everything from tin wall hangings and wall sconces to musical tins and figurines make for appropriate traditional 10th anniversary gifts.

* Jewelry Box
Find an aluminum jewelry box and put a surprise inside. A love note or new piece of jewelry will make your spouse melt.

* Memory Box
Find a tin or aluminum box and fill it with pictures, keepsakes, and sentimental movie and concert stubs from your last year together and spend a romantic evening reminiscing.

* Paperweight
Give your spouse a tin or aluminum paperweight that will remind you of your love throughout the day while at the office.

* Personalized License Plates
Cool personalized license plates are a fun 10 year anniversary gift. If you want to really go big….surprise them with a new car to put them on!

* Storage Unit
A storage unit is a practical gift if you and your spouse have items you want to move out of the house. It's a nice gift that creates more comfort for your home.

* Kitchenware
You can find a number of tin or aluminum kitchenware items that make great gifts… choose from tin tart cookers, tin boxes, & tin racks… to carafes, pitchers, drinkware, platters, trays, & more!

* Tin Cup Jewelry
You can find some lovely tin cup jewelry! Wrap it in a cool tin box for an extra touch!

* Tools
If your spouse is handy, they might love some new tin snips or a tin cutter. Or if your spouse is into gardening, you can find several gardening tools made of aluminum that would be a perfect and fitting gift!

* Watch
A nice aluminum watch is a sweet gift for the 10th anniversary.

* Wine Bottle Tote
A cool wine bottle tote made of aluminum is an extra special 10 year anniversary gift if you pair it with a promise of a romantic picnic in your near future.

10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

* Diamond Bracelet
A diamond bracelet or anklet will make your spouse glitter and glow.

* Diamond Cufflinks
A handsome gift for your handsome man.

* Diamond Earrings
If you love nibbling on her ears, diamond earrings are the perfect way to tell her.

* Diamond Pins & Brooches
A diamond pin or brooch is a lovely 10th anniversary gift. If you have one that can be passed on as a family heirloom, it will be even more meaningful.

* Diamond Ring
You can never go wrong with a beautiful diamond anniversary ring.

* Diamond Watch
A pocket or wristwatch decorated with diamonds is a nice 10 year anniversary gift for the spouse who loves to wear beautiful watches.

10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

* Daffodil Flowers
Obviously, flowers are always a sweet and lovely gift.

* Daffodil Art
Find a painting, photograph, or art print that incorporates beautiful daffodil flowers. Or even better, paint one yourself!

* For an Extra Touch!
Add a card with the special meaning of the daffodil flower, which is renewal and simple pleasures. Let your spouse know that simply being with them is one of your life's simple pleasures and you feel renewed with every kiss… even after all these years.

…if you are on a budget, there is no reason you can't find first anniversary gift ideas just as special as the occasion!

Check out these inexpensive romantic gifts and homemade anniversary gift ideas for a unique birthday that will send a meaningful message without costing a lot of money!

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