Gift Ideas For Mom

Express how important she is to you and how much you cherish her in your life with these gift ideas for Mom!

There are numerous avenues to express how important she has been in your life with the present you choose for her, whether it is Mother's Day, a holiday, or her birthday.

Think about her hobbies. Does she have any interests that take up most of her spare time? Brainstorm ideas from her personal traits that will express how you value her uniqueness.

She will feel extra important when she sees the thought and love that went into a present reflecting her individuality.

Here are some gift ideas for Mom
guaranteed to inspire your search!:

* Art Supplies or Classes
Stir her creativity with a gift that will inspire her to create. Some blank canvases, acrylic paints, and paintbrushes are a great gift. Or you could put together a gift basket with all kinds of art, craft, or sewing supplies. Or purchase her some art classes for painting or pottery.

* Bathrobe
A new bathrobe is a great gift she probably wouldn't buy for herself! Find a super cozy one and have it personalized to make her feel extra special!

* Chiminea
A chiminea outdoor firepit is a unique and endearing gift that will bring her joy on cool nights out by the soft glow of the fire.

* Cookie Bouquet
Surprise her with a bouquet of her favorite cookies!

* Coupon Booklet
Create a booklet of coupons where you offer services you will do to help her out! Think about her needs and come up with specific ideas that will make her life easier, such as washing the fridge and stove or doing her grocery shopping for a week.

* Day of Luxury
Give her a day and night filled with luxury! You can start with a light breakfast in bed. Take her to a mid-morning massage appointment at a local spa. After, take her on a picnic at a nearby park with her favorite foods and drinks! Take her to an afternoon movie. If she is still up for it, have her picked up in a limousine that evening with flowers and take her to her favorite restaurant.

* Digital Keyring
One of the best simple and fun gift ideas for Mom is a key ring with a digital photo of the two of you! She will think of you every time it jingles!

* Family History
Get her a copy of your family history and ancestral records. Have it prepared and framed with a special message.

* Family Reunion
If she has children out of the house or family living far away, arrange for the whole family to get together for a special surprise reunion!

* Family Tree Picture Frames
Create a collage of your family with everybody's pictures on a family tree and have it framed. Family related gifts are always priceless gift ideas for Mom!

* Flower Window Box
A little box of flowers for her kitchen window will fill the room with joy!

* Gourmet
Give her a gourmet experience. A gourmet gift basket or a special dinner treat at one of the top restaurants in your city are great gift ideas for Mom!

* Hammock
Get her something that will entice relaxation and comfort in her own backyard… her very own hammock!

* Home Appliances
If she loves being in the kitchen and cooking, home appliances are great gift ideas for Mom! Get her something to make her life easier…like a new microwave, coffee maker, or fridge, etc.

* In-Home Catering
A pampered evening of her own private in-home chef is a delightful and delicious gift she will love!

* Jewelry
Jewelry is always a great gift for a woman. Get her something meaningful with all of her children's birthstones in it. It will be a priceless gift.

* Jewelry Box
A jewelry box with a note or a new piece of jewelry inside is a fantastic surprise!

* Jewelry Tree
A jewelry tree is both a beautiful and useful gift. Leave her something special hanging on the tree as a surprise!

* Juicer
A juicer is a great gift for the healthy mom. If she hasn't started juicing yet, she will love the way she feels and be forever grateful!

* Kitchenware
You can find a variety of kitchenware items that are perfect gift ideas for Mom, especially for the mom who likes to casually entertain or have dinner parties. Get her new serving dishes or products themed for her next hosted event! Have them personalized for an extra touch!

* Mother Friendship Necklace
A piece of jewelry that represents friendship will make your mother feel cherished as both a wonderful mother and friend.

* Mixtape
Give her an ipod or CDs of all the popular songs from the year she was born, when she was 16, 18, 21, 30, etc. and any other meaningful years… like the year of her wedding, children's birth dates, etc. Add any songs you share together that have special meaning or that remind you of her.

* Notes in a Jar
Find a cool jar and fill it with little notes. You can choose a theme for your notes like memories you have shared, coupons, or all the reasons you love her.

* Origin of her Name
Finding the origin of her name and engraving it into something tangible, like a photo frame or a bracelet is a unique and meaningful gift that will make her feel extra special!

* Pajamas
Give him a new pair of comfy pajamas she can lounge around the house and read the paper in on lazy Sunday mornings!

* Personalized Jewelry
A stunning piece of jewelry with an engraved personal message will be a priceless gift she will cherish. Add the birthstones of her children (and grandchildren) for an extra special touch!

* Personalized Photo Calendar
A personalized photo calendar is a great gift! Choose pictures documenting special family memories or pictures of places you are planning on visiting in the next year!

* Personalized Photo Mug
A coffee mug with a personalized picture of the two of you or her pet is a fun and practical gift your mom will adore and use all the time!

* Personal Letter
Write her a personal letter from your heart expressing how she has impacted your life in positive ways. Tell her all the reasons why you love her and write stories from your favorite memories together. Have it engraved onto something tangible that will stand the test of time.

* Photo Gift
You can find a variety of presents incorporating photos that make awesome gift ideas for Mom. Choose from coffee cups, mousepads, & puzzles.. to luggage tags, photo books, & frames, etc.

* Photo Shoot
She will be over the moon with a professional photo shoot of her and her family. Presents that incorporate her family and memories are priceless gift ideas for Mom.

* Poem
Write her a poem from your heart or find one that expresses how you feel. Have it engraved onto something tangible that will stand the test of time.

* Purse
A new purse is a great gift for Mom!

* Restore Old Furniture or Antique
Surprise her by restoring an old piece of furniture or antique that she loves but has quite bit of wear and tear.

* Roomba
She will be grateful for the vacuum robot that will help her with housekeeping!

* Satellite Radio
Give her the gift of music while she drives around. She will love this present, especially if she has a long commute to work.

* Shopping Spree
Surprise her with a shopping spree at her favorite clothing stores!

* Slippers
Slippers are always a practical, yet thoughtful gift!

* Special Day
Take her on a special mother/daughter or mother/son day where you spend the whole day doing whatever she wants!….you can enjoy any number of activities together…. everything from concerts & movies to spa treatments, manicures, shopping sprees, & even yummy ice cream treats.

* Special Surprise
How about throwing her a surprise party or taking her on a surprise weekend trip?

* Throw Blanket
A throw blanket is a nice gift that your mom may need but wasn't going to buy for herself anytime soon.

* Tickets
Surprise her with tickets to a concert, ballet, or play she has been wanting to see!

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