Christmas Gifts For Baby

They may be too young to remember, but these "First" Christmas gifts for baby boys and girls will create memories the family will cherish for years to come!

Whether you are the parent, grandparent, sibling, or a friend of the family, we have great ideas to inspire your search for the perfect gift!

Here are some creative Christmas gift ideas
for baby boys and girls!

* Apparel
Everything from onesies & t-shirts to booties, diaper covers, gowns, and shoes make great Christmas gifts for baby boys or girls.

* Animal Themes
Stuffed animals or blankets and apparel with animals are cute presents. Some favorite animal themes are elephants, frogs, dogs, dinosaurs, and teddy bears.

* Baby's Room
Baby's room decor and accessories, such as blankets, wall hangings, and rocking chairs are perfect Christmas gifts for baby boy or girls!

* Baby Wraps
Keep baby close to mama with a baby sling carrier or wrap.

* Bath Time
Fun or practical items for bath time, such as bath toys, hooded towels, bath towels, and bathrobes make great presents that will make bath time fun!

* Blankets
A beautiful and soft baby blanket is a tender gift.

* Books & DVDs
Choose a book, magazine, or DVD that is educational for the parent or child.

* Cartoons
Cartoon or Disney-themed gifts are fun ways to say Merry Christmas!

* Developmental
Educational puzzles, games, and toys that help the child learn their abc's and counting are Christmas gifts for baby boys or girls that will keep on giving.

* Eco-Friendly
If the parents are environmentally conscious, they will appreciate a gift that is eco-friendly... safe for both the planet and the baby.

* Feeding
Feeding accessories like bibs, plates, and cups are a thoughtful gift. You can also choose themed gift sets or personalized items.

* First Christmas Ornament
Start a yearly tradition where the child gets an ornament each year that relates to an activity or vacation significant to that year. For this Christmas, the fact that it is the first is very significant and you can find cute ornaments they will cherish for a lifetime!

* Gender Specific
Of course, some themes or toys are often gender specific. Boys usually love dinosaurs, trains, and trucks… while the girls usually gravitate towards princesses, hearts, and dolls. Headbands are also a cute and fashionable gift for a little girl.

* Jewelry
Jewelry for both boys and girls are sweet and sentimental gifts. Choose from bracelets, necklaces, and pendants… add the child's birthstone for an extra touch. You can start a tradition where you give the child a different piece of jewelry each year with their special birthstone.

* Gift Baskets
You can't go wrong with a simple and versatile gift basket.

* Gift Cards
An easy way to know for sure the parents and child will get something they will definitely love and enjoy is through personalized gift cards. Choose from Toys 'R Us, Target, or your favorite place for baby shopping!

* Growth Charts
Choose a cool or colorful growth chart that will match the baby's room!

* Keepsakes
A personalized keepsake is a meaningful and thoughtful present. You can choose from waterglobes, quilts, plates, & picture frames… to jewelry, jewelry boxes, ornaments, journals, and feeding sets.

* Musical
You can find cool musical gifts for the kid you want to give a creative head start! Choose from musical games, music boxes, toy musical instruments, jack in the boxes, music jewelry boxes, and a number of other unique items.

* Nursery Rhymes
Gifts incorporating classic or modern nursery rhymes are perfect gifts for babies!

* Personalized
Personalized gifts are great Christmas gifts for baby boys or girls! They can be sweet and sentimental… or fun and cute. You can find everything from jewelry & jewelry boxes… to t-shirts, rattles, picture frames, whole gift sets, & so much more!

* Picture Frame
A great gift! Get it personalized for that extra touch!

* Rattles
A classic gift!

* Religious
Give a gift that incorporates the family's faith. You can find most of the other items on this list with a religious theme.

* Savings Bond
Now this is the gift that keeps on giving!

* Sports & Recreation
If the parents are sports fanatics, get the baby some cool gear that incorporates their favorite sports team! A guaranteed hit!

* Summer/Spring Seasonal Items
Choose cool beach and summer gear, such as sun hats, blankets, towels, sunglasses, & beach chairs if the family lives somewhere warm or has a vacation coming up.

* Toys
An age appropriate toy is always a fun gift.

* Winter/Fall Seasonal Items
Choose warm items that will keep the little one snuggly warm, such as mittens, hats, & cute coats if the family lives somewhere cold or is traveling somewhere cold in the near future.

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