Christmas Gift Ideas
For Kids!

Little boys and girls are really fun to buy for because there are so many creative Christmas gift ideas for kids and inventive toys available today!

Whether you are the parent, grandparent, sibling, or a friend of the family, Gift Ideas Muse has great ideas to inspire your search for the perfect gift!

Check out these Christmas gift ideas for kids
guaranteed to light up their holiday!

* Animal Themes
Stuffed animals or blankets and apparel with animals are cute presents. Some favorite animal themes are elephants, frogs, dogs, dinosaurs, and teddy bears.

* Ant Farm
Ant farms are not only fun, but also very educational!

* Arts & Crafts
Art sets or craft kits are wonderful Christmas gift ideas for kids! They will stir their creativity, keep them busy for hours, and leave them with a sense of power and accomplishment with their creations!
You can buy a complete art set, or make your own with scissors, paints, markers, glue, glitter, gel rollers, constructions paper, etc. An easel is also an essential item you should consider providing for the child.
You can also find awesome craft kits for everything from jewelry making, stone polishing, and sand art, to complete painting kit set-ups.

* Aquarium
An aquarium will bring the child hours of joy. This is probably not the best gift if you are not the parent due to all the maintenance, but still a wonderful and educational gift for a child. Perhaps besides just fish, get the child a turtle too!

* Bath Time
Fun or practical items for bath time, such as bath toys, hooded towels, bath towels, and bathrobes make great presents that will make bath time fun!

* Bean Bag Chair
Every kid should have a bean bag chair at some point. If they don't have one yet, this will be a tremendous surprise!

* Bedroom Decor
Bedroom decor and accessories are fantastic Christmas gift ideas for kids. Get them cool items flavored with their favorite animals, superheroes, princesses, cartoon characters, or disney characters, etc.

* Bike
If the kid doesn't have their own bike, this is the ultimate surprise of all Christmas gift ideas for kids!!! They will be so overwhelmed with joy.

* Books
Choose a book, book set, or audio book that is educational for the child.

* Cartoons
Cartoon or Disney-themed gifts are fun ways to say Merry Christmas!

* Christmas Ornament Tradition
Start a yearly tradition where the child gets an ornament each year that relates to something significant from their present life. For instance, think of a vacation, pet, sport, musical activity, etc. that has made an impact in the child's life. Choose a cute ornament that relates to this and have it personalized with the year. It will be a gift they will cherish for a lifetime and reminisce over each Christmas as all the previous year's ornaments come back out!

* Costumes
Costumes of favorite cartoon characters, superheros, princesses, and so on are Christmas gift ideas for kids that will put their imagination on overload!

* Developmental
Educational puzzles, flash cards games, computer games, and toys that help the child learn are Christmas gift ideas for kids that will keep on giving.

* DVD Set
A DVD set of the child's favorite cartoon, superhero series, disney series, television show, or movie series are fun gifts that will keep them entertained for hours!

* Fun Apparel
Get the special kid an apparel item of their favorite sports team, superhero, disney character, or cartoon character!

* Gender Specific
Of course, some themes or toys are often gender specific. Boys usually love dinosaurs, trains, and trucks… while the girls usually gravitate towards princesses, hearts, and dolls. Headbands are also a cute and fashionable gift for a little girl.

* Gift Baskets
You can't go wrong with a simple and versatile gift basket! Gift baskets are really fun gifts because they are filled with many little items that will keep surprising the child over and over!

* Gift Cards
An easy way to know for sure the child will get something they will definitely love and enjoy is through personalized gift cards. Choose from Toys 'R Us, Target, or your favorite place for toy and child gift shopping!

* Growth Charts
Choose a cool or colorful growth chart that will match the child's room!

* Helmet
A cool, new helmet is a great gift to compliment a child's love for roller-skating, skateboarding, bike riding, etc.

* Keepsakes
A personalized keepsake is a meaningful and thoughtful present. You can choose from water globes, quilts, & picture frames… to jewelry, jewelry boxes, and ornaments.

* Magazine Subscription
You can find a ton of fun and educational magazines out there for children. This is a great gift because it also makes the kid feel extra special every month throughout the year as they receive a piece of mail just for them!

* Musical
You can find cool musical gifts for the kid you want to give a creative head start! Choose from musical games, music boxes, musical instruments, toy musical instruments, jack in the boxes, music jewelry boxes, and a number of other unique items.

* Organizers
An organizer isn't all that much fun to receive. It's actually maybe more of a gift for the parent….UNLESS you fill it with many small surprises! The child will be delighted as the dig through it. Make the organizer seem like a treasure box and it will be even more exciting!

* Pajamas
Pajamas are fun gifts for Christmas! If you open presents on Christmas morning, a fun tradition is to let the child open one present on Christmas eve… the pajamas!

* Personalized
Personalized gifts are great Christmas gift ideas for kids! They can be sweet and sentimental… or fun and cute. You can find everything from jewelry & jewelry boxes… to t-shirts, picture frames, whole gift sets, & so much more!

* Pet-Related
Kids LOVE their pets! Get them a cool sweatshirt, t-shirt, or cuddly blanket with their favorite pet's breed on it!

* Radio/Tape Player
A radio or tape player for the child to play all their favorite music is a great gift. You can also find players for the shower that will make bath or shower time extra fun!

* Religious
Give a gift that incorporates the family's faith. You can find most of the other items on this list with a religious theme.

* Roller Skates
If the kid doesn't have roller skates yet, this will be their favorite gift of the year!!!

* Savings Bond
A savings bond is a gift that keeps on giving!

* Sea Monkeys
Sea Monkeys are a fun and and educational gift… the child will love watching the little monkeys come to life!

* Sleeping Bag
Kids have numerous occasions where they need sleeping bags… from slumber parties to camping trips… and a new sleeping bag is a great gift they will get a ton of use out of!

* Space-Related
A spacey gift is an inspiring idea that may just ignite some interesting passions for the child! Choose from space-themed products for their bedroom (like bedding or planetariums), as well as space-related instruments like telescopes!

* Sports & Recreation
If the child plays sports, get them some cool sports gear or apparel to show off their passion! Or choose from a number of yard sports games that will keep them busy all summer long!

* Stuffed Animals
Stuffed animals are always cuddly Christmas gift ideas for kids.

* Summer/Spring Seasonal Items
Choose cool beach and summer gear, such as sun hats, blankets, towels, sunglasses, & beach chairs if the family lives somewhere warm or has a vacation coming up.

* Surprise Vacation
If it's in your budget, a special surprise vacation for the upcoming year is an exciting gift!

* Tickets
Tickets to concerts, sporting events, musicals, plays, ice shows, the circus, etc. … or even plane tickets as a surprise vacation!… are all really exciting Christmas gift ideas for kids you can't go wrong with!

* Toy Box
A new toy box is a really cool gift for their room. Leave them a special surprise inside!

* Toys
An age appropriate toy is always a fun gift.

* Travel
Travel gear like kid suitcases are great gifts, especially if the family has a trip coming up!

* Video Games
If the child doesn't already have an xbox 360 or Wii, you have found the perfect gift! If they do, get them the latest game everyone is going crazy over!

* Walkie Talkies
Walkie Talkies are fun gifts! Throw in a pair of back-up batteries because it is guaranteed they will need them!

* Wall Murals
Find a cool wall mural that relates to something, someone, or someplace they love.

* Winter/Fall Seasonal Items
If the family lives somewhere cold or is traveling somewhere cold in the near future, choose warm items that will keep the child snuggly warm… such as mittens, hats, & cute coats.

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