40th Birthday Gift Ideas

…to celebrate going over the hill!

Turning 40 is the infamous milestone known for going "over the hill," so finding 40th birthday gift ideas can be quite fun and easy!

Most people like to poke fun at the idea that the recipient is no longer striding through life with youth and beauty, and they have already hit their peak.

Supposedly, it's all downhill from here!

Life is hardly over at 40 though and nowadays it is still quite the prime time, but you can definitely get a good laugh with this special occasion.

Here are some ideas for for both men and women, followed by gender specific suggestions! You will find thoughtful and personalized 40th birthday gift ideas, as well as great gag gifts!

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40th Birthday Gift Ideas:

* Barware
If they have a home bar, everything from cocktail glasses to bottle stoppers, cocktail shakers, a variety of accessories, and even complete bar sets make really cool gifts.

* Computer and/or Accessories
A computer is an essential item for anyone these days and would be a practical and amazing gift. If they already have one, get them a cool accessory for the computer they already have, like a hip computer bag, lap cushion, or a new flash drive!

* Concert Tickets
Concert tickets to see their favorite band or artist are a great gift that also creates memories they will remember forever.

* DVDs
DVDs of the birthday man or woman's favorite movies or TV shows are 40th birthday gift ideas that will keep on giving!

* Experiential
A really amazing adventure is truly a gift that will stay with them forever. Choose from something relaxing or romantic like brunch on a yacht or a sunset sailing cruise…or something exciting like bungee jumping, sky-diving, river rafting, or kayaking.

* Forty Small Gifts
Giving 40 small gifts is a cool idea! You can do something fun like 40 coupons or a collage of 40 photos… or something really meaningful, like 40 personal letters from their closest friends and family expressing love and appreciation. Get creative and throw in some really cool surprises, like perfume for a woman or sporting event tickets for a guy. If you're on a budget, bake them 40 cupcakes or cookies!

* Forty Year Old Wine
A cool gift if you can find a bottle aged to perfection the same as the birthday recipient!

* Gag Gifts
There are almost an infinite number of gag gifts and surprises that are all fun 40th birthday gift ideas for a silly celebration of this milestone! Some popular ones are a fake pill box filled with jelly beans, ice that looks like dentures, depends/emergency underpants, new pants for old farts, funny books about being 40, and candles that spell "OLD!"

* Gift Baskets
You can be silly or thoughtful with your basket….Over the hill gift baskets or coffin shaped gift baskets always get a great laugh! Or… choose something they would be interested in and get them a gift basket filled with surprises they will love… you can choose everything from beer, food, & wine baskets to spa, golf, or starbucks... and so many more unique items!

* Gift Card
Some people are hard to buy for. A gift card to their favorite clothing shop, electronics store, or restaurant is a gift you can't go wrong with!

* iPad or Kindle e-book
Surprise them with a cool iPad or Kindle e-book!

* iPod and/or Accessories
Get them an ipod filled with their favorite music, or if they already have one, cool accessories are also great 40th birthday gift ideas..like an ipod speaker dock.

* Lessons
Other ideas that are fun and educational are lessons…choose from sailing, flying, cooking, golf, art classes, and pretty much anything that would interest them.

* Luggage
Luggage is an awesome gift if the special birthday man or woman has a big trip coming up.

* Magazine Subscription
Choose a magazine they love to read and get them a free year subscription!

* Music Subscription or Gift Card
Get them a year subscription to an mp3 downloads site like emusic.com, or an itunes or amazon music gift card. This is also a great surprise item to throw in with an ipod or ipod accessory.

* New Camera
Cameras are always a great gift if the recipient doesn't have a good one yet. Taking photos and recording memories is something they will cherish for life.

* Night Out on the Town
If the birthday person is your spouse, take them out on a romantic date… If they are your friend/family and they have kids, offering a free night of babysitting is an awesome gift they will love.

* Personalized Gifts
A personalized gift can be either a thoughtful and meaningful choice of keepsakes or jewelry… or a humorous and fun 40th birthday gift of t-shirts, coffee mugs, or gag gifts.

* Scrapbook
Compile photos and sentimental items you have saved over the years and create a scrapbook chronicling the person's life and/or your relationship thus far. Add inspirational quotes and advice or wisdom.

* Sports Gear or Apparel
If he or she plays sports or has a favorite team, sports gear or apparel are 40th birthday gift ideas they will love!

* T-shirt
A fun t-shirt for them to wear on the big day is a perfect gift for this occasion. Put a picture of them from when they were younger on it (maybe from those awkward years before they bloomed into the swan they are today!) or have it personalized for an extra dose of fun!

* Time Capsule
Similar to a scrapbook, but more detailed about the year they were born and all the milestone years until now. Give them an ipod or CDs of all the popular songs from the year they were born, when they were 16, 18, 21, 30, and any other meaningful years….like the year of their wedding, children's birth dates, etc. You could also do a time capsule about the big news and pop culture from those years.

* Wine Gifts
Wine gifts are always a classy choice. Get them a nice bottle of wine, or a unique wine holder, wine tote, cork screw, wine stoppers, etc. Have the items personalized for an extra touch. Or for the true connoisseur, a Wine Of The Month Club Membership is a priceless present!.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas:

* Apparel
Women love fashion. Just be sure you know her tastes if you are going to surprise her. If you're not sure, take her on a shopping day or get her a gift card a store she loves.

* Birthstone Jewelry
Jewelry dripping with her special birthstone is a beautiful gift for a woman. You can choose from rings, earringS, necklaces, and bracelets, etc. If she has children, you can get her jewelry with their birthstones as well to make it extra meaningful.

* Chocolate Gift
A chocolate gift basket or a box of fine chocolate will charm her with sweetness!

* Cosmetics
Women love make-up too. (You can find great make-up sets full of all the essentials) Not to mention, it is a practical gift she will get a lot of use out of. Just be sure you know what she likes. If not, get her a gift certificate!

* Fashion Accessories
Any kind of handbags, purses, jewelry, cashmere scarves, and so on are great 40th birthday gift ideas for women.

* Diamonds
Diamonds are a girl's best friend and a dazzling gift she will adore.

* Jewelry Box
A cool jewelry box is a unique gift. Put a piece of jewelry inside as a nice surprise!

* Photo Shoot
If she has children, she will cherish a professional photo shoot of her and her family.

* Spa Set
Every girl, no matter what age, loves to be pampered. Get her a day at the spa, a spa gift basket, or a spa set that will make her feel like a queen for the day!

40th Birthday Gift Ideas:

* Apparel
Just be sure you know his tastes if you are going to surprise him. If you're not sure, take him on a shopping day or get him a gift card to a store he likes.

* Birthstone Money Clip
A money clip with his birthstone is a practical gift with extra significance!

* Briefcase
A leather briefcase if a sophisticated present for the working man.

* Extreme Sports Experience
Get him an experiential gift where he gets to drive a Nascar racing car or participate in some extreme event. Or get him tickets to an upcoming event he will go nuts over!

* Personalized Drinking Glass or Mug
A fabulous gift that will get a ton of use!

* Plasma Tv
A new plasma TV will make him explode with excitement. If you can't afford one or he already has one, you could instead get him a sports package on cable or Direct TV.

* Shaving Kit
A practical gift for the man turning 40!

* Sports Gear or Apparel
If he plays sports or has a favorite team, sports gear or apparel are 40th birthday gift ideas he will love!

* Stylish Accessories
Everything from cool hats, beanies, and scarves that reflect his personal style to silk neckties and cufflinks dripping with semi-precious stones are great 40th birthday gift ideas for men!

* Swiss Army Knife
A simple gift every man needs!

If they are having a 40th birthday celebration and need birthday party supplies, look into personalized party supplies. They will make him or her feel extra special and make the party extra memorable!

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