100th Birthday Gift Ideas

It's a monumental achievement to reach 100 years old!

You'll want 100th birthday gift ideas and party celebrations that are just as grand to commemorate this fantastic occasion!

100 years is the ultimate accomplishment. Think of all the things this person has witnessed in their life.

They have been on quite the journey and you want them to know how lucky you feel to have them still here to tell all their interesting stories.

To express your admiration and gratitude, choose thoughtful and personal gifts that will uplift their spirit and light up their smile.

Here are some inspirations for both birthday gift ideas for men, and birthday gift ideas for women, followed by gender specific suggestions!

100th Birthday Gift Ideas:

* Bathrobe
A soft, plush bathrobe is a gift everybody will love! Have it personalized with their name or initials to make it extra special!

* Candles
Candles are always a sweet gift that brings joy to the air!

* Coffee Mug
A personalized coffee mug with pictures of their grandchildren and/or great-grandchildren or pets is a gift they will cherish again and again!

* Coin
An antique coin from the year they were born is a cool idea that will make them feel special.

* Massage Pillow
A gift that will make them feel great!

* Pajamas
Comfy Pajamas are a thoughtful gift they can curl up in for sweet dreams!

* Personalized Gifts
You can find awesome 100th birthday gifts with a personal touch! Everything from personalized apparel, journals, & wall clocks to photo frames, photo pillows, & bathrobes.

* Sports Gear or Apparel
If he or she likes sports or has a favorite team, sports gear or apparel are 100th birthday gift ideas they will love!

* Slippers
Slippers are always a practical, yet thoughtful gift!

* T-shirt
A fun t-shirt for them to wear on the big day is a perfect gift for this occasion. Put a picture of them from when they were younger on it or have it personalized for an extra dose of fun!

* Throw Blanket
A soft and cozy throw blanket will wrap them up with love and comfort!

* Time Capsule
A time capsule documenting the big news and pop culture from the year they were born and all the milestone years until now, like the year of their wedding, children's birth dates, grandchildren's birth dates, etc., is a fun and nostalgia inspiring gift….or give them an ipod/CDs of all the popular songs from all those meaningful years.

100th Birthday Gift Ideas:

* Birthstone Jewelry
Jewelry dripping with her special birthstone is a beautiful gift for a woman. You can choose from rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, etc. If she has children and/or grandchildren & Great-grandchildren, you can get her jewelry with their birthstones as well to make it extra meaningful.

* Fashion Accessories
Any kind of handbags, purses, jewelry, cashmere scarves, and so on are great 100th birthday gifts.

* Jewelry Box
A cool jewelry box is a unique gift. Put a piece of jewelry inside as a nice surprise!

* Shawl
A beautiful new shawl she can wrap around her shoulders is a great gift for those cool afternoons.

100th Birthday Gift Ideas:

* Personalized Drinking Glass or Mug
A fabulous gift that will get a ton of use!

* Stylish Accessories
Everything from scarves to hats are great 100th birthday gifts for men!

* Watch
A cool new watch is a timeless and practical gift.

If they are having a 100th birthday celebration and need birthday party supplies, look into personalized party supplies. They will make him or her feel extra special and make the party extra memorable!

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